Pictured: Toni from MyNaturalSistas

When it comes to Marley hair, all brands were certainly not created equal. Plus, every local beauty supply store doesn’t carry the same brands of hair. It isn’t wise to purchase just any brand of Marley hair because some brands are tough to work with and/or do not yield as sleek a result as other brands. It’s important to choose a brand of Marley hair that is soft, flexible, and therefore easy to use and remove. For your convenience, we’ve found a few brands that are promising: check out the results for yourself below!

Caribbean Twist Braiding Hair: $9.99 pack

Vanessa Marley Braid: $4.99 per pack

Femi Collection: $4.99 per pack

Janet Collection: $4.95 per pack

Cuban Twist: $4.99 per pack

This was written by Kanisha Parks of BlackNaps.org for CurlyNikki.

What’s your favorite brand and current technique of installing and rocking crochet braids?

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