tropical roots stimulating growth product

Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil is a lightweight hair strengthener that promises to nourish textured curls, twists, and locks. This pineapple and guava scented growth oil is perfect for Naturals who want to protect their hair from environmental and styling damage. Its ability to seal textured strands with naturally derived moisturizers makes Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil the best option naturally curly hair.

Reaping benefits of the growth oil doesn’t take long. Whether you’re wearing a protective style or a twist out, your textured hair will feel thoroughly nourished, undeniably healthy, and free from breakage.

Have you tried Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil for protective styling and braid outs?

Here’s how you can get two stunning hairstyles with one nourishing, lightweight hair oil.

Protective Style

Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil is perfect for protective styling. Apply the growth oil to cleansed, sectioned out hair (part down the middle for two side braids) by gently massaging its nourishing formula of sweet almond, cherry bark, and chamomile into your scalp. Beginning at the middle part in your hair, begin braiding your curls on either side of your head.

Continue braiding your curls, making sure to secure and tuck the ends with a small hair tie. Feel free to spray or smooth more growth oil into your braids to seal in moisture.

using oils on curly hair

Braid Out

When you’re ready to unravel your protective style, you can reach for stimulating growth oil to fortify and add more moisture to your strands. If you suffer from dry scalp, try using this growth oil to relieve the symptoms (NOTE: Talk to your physician first).

To make unraveling easy and to reduce breakage, spritz a small amount of the Tropical Roots Stimulating Growth Oil onto your braids first. Then, untuck your ends and begin unraveling the braids. Once your braids are fully fluffed out, spritz the growth oil once more onto the hair.

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