Not every curly haired natural deals with excessive dryness. For some of us, having a greasy scalp is our biggest issue. This hair superfood DIY leave-in/mask will combat an oily scalp.

DIY leave-in conditioner

  • 1 lemon 
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 teaspoon fresh aloe vera

How to make the leave-in

  1. Mash the banana till it becomes a smooth pasty pulp. Use a strainer to get chunks out of your paste.
  2. Squeeze all of the juice out of your lemon and mix your aloe vera into the pulp.
  3. Stir around until the ingredients forms a consistent, chunk-free paste.

DIY cleanser

  • 8 ounces of distilled water
  • a water-based daily conditioner
  • your favorite shampoo/cleanser
  • rosemary essential oil
  • honey

Why it works

Distilled water only contains only oxygen and hydrogen molecules, with a pH level of 7. The absence of minerals, contaminants, and gases makes this purified water ideal for a true scalp cleansing.

Lemon is extremely acidic and has incredible sebum-balancing abilities. Those with an oily scalp can use this as a clarifying astringent to wipe out all build-up.

Aloe vera will balance your scalp's natural pH, prevents dandruff, and has 20 amino acids for high porosity curlies. It also moisturizes and seals ends with shine.

Bananas and lemon juice work together to add sheen and radiance to dull hair that has experienced chemically processed, color treatment, and heat damage. The high potassium and beta carotene content in bananas make it a great natural conditioner and hair loss fighter.

Rosemary essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and stimulant, meaning that it is great for keeping your oily scalp evenly moisturized but not super dry. And it also increased blood circulation to promote faster hair growth.

Honey is a natural hygroscopic, which means it attracts and retains moisture from the atmosphere. Honey also coats and moisturizes hair, and is known to sooth scalp infections and prevent worse ones from happening. 

How to use it

  1. Mix the distilled water with your favorite cleanser.
  2. Add 7 to 8 drops of rosemary essential oil to the mixture and stir it up.
  3. Wash your hair and follow with a steam treatment to open up the pores in your scalp and encourage better penetration of the ingredients in your leave-in.
  4. Rinse hair thoroughly and dry about 80%.
  5. Apply the banana paste to your hair and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. 

What do you use for an oily scalp?