Hey Traycee! We love your channel and your transition is progressing beautifully. Your transparency and positivity is so inspiring. Oftentimes when people think of transitioning it is easy to forget about the adjustment and embracement of a new aesthetic, as you shared. You mentioned that you prefer more definition with a soft hold so we have some product recommendations below, but before we get there we want you to know that your hair looks fabulous and we think there are some useful tips from your short tutorial that our transitioners would love.

When styling transitioning hair…

  1. Start on wet hair to reduce the potential for breakage.
  2. Apply products thoroughly to the relaxed and natural hair. Do not forget that the virgin texture needs nourishment as well.
  3. Detangle starting from the ends and working up to the roots to release any shed hair and to maintain a smooth and polished finished look.
  4. Twist or braid flat to the scalp in the direction you want your hair to lay. This will ensure that your hair is stretched at the roots and you do not have to disturb the definition by inducing frizz while trying to part and coif dry hair.
  5. Release your braids or twists with your favorite oil to seal in the moisture and reduce frizz.


Soft Hold Stylers

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What are some of your product recommendations for Traycee?