How to self-evaluate before seeking advice from others

Healthy hair tips are abundant just about everywhere online, however, not all advice is good advice or advice you should follow. While there are some basic hair maintenance rules, the guide to healthy hair is not a one size fits situation. More importantly, when seeking advice from others self-evaluation is key. Here are a few tips for self-evaluating beforehand to ensure the information you research and receive will be beneficial.

Understand What You Want

The most frequently asked question from newbies seeking hair advice is: “What can I do to my hair?” Since that is an extremely open-ended question with unlimited answers, I usually counter by asking what she wants to achieve. Before seeking advice, understand your wants so you are able to ask clear, concise questions. In return you will receive clear responses targeted to your specific needs. For example, there is a difference in asking, “What should I do to my hair” and “What should I do to my hair to enhance my curl pattern?”  Laying out your wants or particular hair goals creates a plan. Without a plan it is very possible to receive too much information or incorrect information, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed.

Keep a Hair Journal

Equally important as understanding what you want, you should know what your hair needs. Every day you moisturize or manipulate your hair so no one knows the specific details of your strands better than you. However, the inability to properly articulate what your hair lacks will stifle the process of seeking advice and in return may result into a lost cause for the person trying to assist you. Be mindful or keep a hair journal to track your maintenance regimen such as wash days, trims, and deep conditioning analyzing changes over time. Look for trends in how your hair feels, looks, and especially how it responds to certain products. When journaling write down the product and your likes and dislikes. Next, pay special attention to the ingredients, writing those down as well. Maybe your hair does not respond well to glycerin, however, every other blogger you research swears by this ingredient. Knowing key information prior to seeking advice through journaling can save you a lot of time and money.

Be Honest

Have you ever been embarrassed to admit to a doctor that exercising has taken a back seat and your vegetable intake could definitely use some work? When seeking advice from a professional or others don’t be embarrassed to tell the truth at the risk of being judged. If you are looking towards others for advice, then you are already heading in the right direction. The key is honesty. Just like a doctor, it will be hard for a professional stylist or anyone to give sound advice if he or she does not know the complete story. If you straighten often, never take the time to properly detangle your hair, or only wash it once a month, speak up! Disclosing the whole truth to ensure you aren’t setting yourself up for failure will only work in your favor. More than likely the person answering the question is thrilled that you simply asked for help.

What’s your process for seeking and researching healthy hair tips?

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