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What’s in your curl cabinet this summer? Get fully stocked up on all the best summer goodies for midyear hair care and summer styling! Check your stash to make sure you’ve got the goods. Warm weather means more moisture in the air and strong UV rays. Look for products that will give you adequate hydration while protecting your strands from the harsh elements. Summer hair care calls for lighter cleansers, UV ray protectants, sealing oils, and textured stylers.

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Here are the best summer hair care products to transition to during the hottest days of the year.

The right cleanser

Light cleansers are often used in the summer due to the need to cleanse the hair more often. The summer heat increases sebum production and sweating in the blazing summer sun. Use Camille Rose Naturals Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse to keep the curls moist and hydrated while gently cleansing.

Light stylers

Light stylers are preferred to maintain your volume and define your curl pattern. Use a serum to illuminate your hair’s natural shine. Try Original Moxie Hold Up Defining Serum.  The silicone-free formula contains lemongrass, white willow bark, and Irish moss! For wavy hair, the natural beach wave look is the perfect go-to. Use the Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray with seaweed and algae extracts for nourishment but also for soft, flirty texture. If your curls are prone to frizz, try a gel for extra hold that won't weigh down your curls, like the popular DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel or a natural aloe vera gel.

Curl refresher

You don’t have to start your wash and go process everyday. For second and third day hair, create your own curl refreshment with water and few drops of lavender. If DIY hair styling is not for you, use DevaCurl Mist-er Right to deodorize and restore your style. Don’t waste your time styling your hair, you’ve got waves to catch.

Protein-free deep treatment

Opt for protein-free for the summer months to soften your hair for touchable curls, coils, and waves. You can find formulated protein conditioners by looking at the packaging. If you see the words keratin, protein, reconstructor, or repair, you might be looking at a protein-rich conditioner, which is excellent for mushy, weak, and chemically-treated hair. However typically in the summer, we steer clear from heavy manipulative styling and wear free flowing styles. Try NaturelleGrow Marshmallow Root Slippery Elm Bark and Natural Cinnamon Conditioner. Shea butter, apricot oil, honey, and marshmallow root makes this supper slippery treatment a summer must-have!

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A summer oil

Heavy oils are not as necessary in the summer months. Instead use lighter oil like the Sunny Isle Jamaican Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with a powerful punch like coconut oil, which has a dual nature of strengthening and moisturizing. Apply as a last step to your styling and care routine or try it as a curl refresher for thick, coily hair.

So there you have it!  This is your moment, live your summer hair dreams with these moisture loving products this season.

Do you have a summer regimen?