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South Africa’s Hair Revolutionaries Coexist For A Successful Inaugural Johannesburg Natural Hair Meetup.

The Maboneng precinct in South Africa’s capital on March 21. Organized by Margaret Chandia of Me Time, the Johannesburg Natural Hair Meet Up was packed with popular movers and shakers– Charlotte Steenekamp, founder of Africa Grace Skin Care, Klassy Kinks blogger Ijeoma Eboh, and a revolutionary behind the South African movement, “I don’t buy my hair, I rock my own”, Mbali Langa. View more of the recap on

Jessie J Rocks Dreadlock Rings…On Her Pin-Straight Hair

Last Friday during pop singer Jessie J’s 27th birthday, the star rocked a number of hairstyles in celebration, including this dreadlock ring- French braid combo. This hair accessory has been seen around a lot, lately. Would you rock it?

Has Taylor Swift turned her back on the curly community?

As you know, NaturallyCurly has always been about styling options. If people want to straighten their curls, we provide them with the information and tips they need to do it with as little damage as possible. But what bothers me is the impact – and media’s reaction – to her straighter look.

Rihanna recognizes just how much representation matters.

This past weekend, the Home movie opened to record-breaking box office numbers. Tip, the main character voiced by pop superstar Rihanna, has bouncy ringlet curls that make it just so hard not to enjoy watching in the animated DreamWorks flick. What a powerful visual it is to actually see a movie star that our little natural hair children can watch in admiration. And Rihanna must agree, because she shared this photo on her Instagram.

Are you subject to racial profiling at the airport because of your natural hair? Not anymore, hopefully.

In light of all the controversy, reports, and complaints made to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA”> for doing exclusive and extended pat-downs on natural hair passengers, they announced last Thursday that they will shift their focus to be less racially and texturally driven.

Hilary Duff is rocking Kylie Jenner hair better than Kylie Jenner

We never quite expect Hilary Duff to shock us–after all, she played the lovable, innocent Lizzie McGuire years ago on Disney. Today, however, Duff is a working mom, with her latest endeavor landing her in Brooklyn with her son, Luca Cruz Comrie. She went on vacation last week and came back with awesome turquoise hair by AmberDoesHair that we just cannot get enough of.

This Harlem museum showcases natural hair and nails as part of the Diaspora.

The Studio Museum in Harlem now displays expression of the diaspora through a “complex intersection of politics, consumption, and creativity.” This includes natural hair like twists, locs, afros, and other gorgeously “complex hairstyles”. Greatist has the entire diaspora exhibit in their slideshow of significant frame-worthy moments from Malian portraitist Malick Sidibé, sculpture artist Pamela Council, and Nigerian photographer J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere.

David Beckham is in another underwear ad, but this time, we were staring at his hair.

Soccer superstar hunk David Beckham stopped by the Late Late Show with James Corden two nights ago. Both Beckham and Corden were stripped down to their skivvies, and 33 seconds into the video, James Corden points a blow dryer at David Beckham’s perfectly placed coiff. We laughed, and we stared–at David. Watch the video and let us know if you had to regain your composure like we did.

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