April showers, bring May flowers…Which means right now, humidity is at an all-time high, especially here in Texas. Two of our editors share their current Holy Grail gels, worth considering for the season of humidity that is upon us.

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

susonnah ouidad gel
2A Editor, Susonnah

I love how lightweight it is, almost like a serum. This gel glides on my hair and is slippery. It gives me just enough hold without the crunch, and it keeps frizz away without making my hair too sleek…just what I need for Springtime humidity. 

My hair type is 2B. I have a feeling it’s low porosity. I have dense hair. Maybe, medium density? I look for a thin gel that glides on my hair that’s not too thick. If it feels sticky in my hands I won’t use it because it will likely feel sticky when I put it on. It has to block frizz and give me awesome definition but without the crunch. If a gel gives me a little crunch it’s not a deal breaker, though. I will usually just use a little bit of oil to smooth out the crunch. It does the trick every time. I will stay away from a gel if hardens my hair. Nobody likes hard strands hanging from their head.

I love trying new products, so I won’t totally bypass unknown gels. But I also know what I love, so I’ll stick with one product for a while until I find something new I love. I apply Ouidad Heat and Humidity gel on wash day on wet hair. I divide my hair into two sides. I will usually squeeze about a nickel size amount into my palm and then smooth it with both hands. Then I use the “prayer-hands” technique to smooth the gel on one side of my hair. Then I’ll repeat for the other side of my hair. I have to use a lot of it (nickel size for each side”> to really make sure I keep frizz away. Then I scrunch with my hands to get any excess gel off, and I finish by scrunching it with a towel (to squeeze excess moisture out”>. 

It holds pretty well throughout the week, so I will just spritz it with water and that reactivates the gel. If it’s starting to fall limp, I will re-wet my hair and add a little more gel to spruce things up. I usually apply this right after a leave in conditioner. I wash my hair, condition, rinse, and then apply leave in. After the leave-in I’ll add the Ouidadgel and nothing else. Sometimes I will even skip the leave-in step if I used a really rich daily conditioner and just go with the gel. It’s enough to keep frizz away, I love it.

Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel

kami aunt jackie
4B Editor, Kami

This gel gives me amazing definition on my 4B coils! I love cocktailing it with my favorite leave-in. I always see my coils elongated without being crunchy.

I’m closest to 4B. Medium porosity, high density, coarse. on the longer side of short length when stretched. Honestly, the only thing I look for is whether or not it will work! I read reviews and look at pictures to find if others with my hair type have had success with the product. In general, I’ll try anything once – you just never know!

I continue to try new products. But I keep coming back to this one! My other favorite that I know will always work is Kinky-Curly’s Curling Custard. No matter what kind of hair day I’m having, what the weather is doing, how I’m feeling that day – these two gels will always get me together.

I apply on wash day. I get the best results after washing with SheaMoisture Superfruit then using Kinky-Curly’s Stellar Strands as a deep treatment. Once I’ve rinsed it out and my hair is still wet and detangled, I apply a leave-in (my current favorite is SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow, Restore Leave-In Conditioner”> and apply Don’t Shrink on top of it in sections.

Throughout the week, I just refresh with a little water and add more when needed. I am the definition of a “lazy natural” so this routine gives my ‘fro just the definition I need with minimal effort.

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