devacut before and after on wavy hair

It is estimated that 65% of women have natural curls and waves, yet they are not 100% knowledgeable as to how to actually take care of their texture. While this is true, there has been a recent spike in curly haired people inquiring about a specialized cut performed only by Deva Certified stylists at Devachan salons throughout the US. This cut was developed by Curly Girl Handbook author, curly hair guru, and Devachan Salon owner Lorraine Massey.

What is the DevaCut?

The DevaCut is a unique haircut which focuses on either sculpting each curl cutting in at an angle so the curl pattern is not disrupted or utilizing the Deva Signature Waterfall cutting technique, a structured method of cut as well as intuitive skills ( curl by curl”> to cut the hair. Either way, each cut is a customized cut, for each curl pattern and it requires strict and extensive training by each stylist. The client’s hair is cut dry, due to the fact that curly hair is quite different once it is 100% dry. The spring factor that is found in naturally curly hair changes and falls differently when it is cut dry. However, for those who wish to create volume, the Deva clipping technique is an added bonus, Stylists apply gel, or other Deva styling products to the curls and use Deva clips (or pin curl clips”> to give body to the sections of hair at the crown.  

devacut before and after on curly hair

Stylists normally educate first-time clients by walking them through the process as they work with clients hair. They will educate clients about how they cleanse and style hair as they work so that clients can return home and repeat the style process themselves.

When making an appointment at a Devachan salon, most clients are asked to wear their curls as natural and unaltered as possible–this means little to no product, and no ponytails, braids or buns. Stylists ask to see clients with detangled, defined, and hair without added extensions. 

DevaCuts are dimensional and intricate and made for wash-and-gos. 

One of the best benefits of DevaCuts is that they are built for a wash and go hairstyle, meaning after your cut and wash, the styling is simple and most naturally curly hair is allowed to air dry. Stylists apply gel, or other styling products to the curls and use bill-styled clips to give body to sections of hair. Using this technique, hair is allowed to dry and look it’s most natural and is free frizz. Stylists will use a Devafuser to speed up the process a bit. Once the hair is dry, the clips are removed and the natural pattern and definition of the curls is revealed.

devacut before and after on coily hair

Upkeep and cost

Stylists will help educate clients about their unique and beautiful ringlets, one at a time. Stylists vary in years of experience and education. Therefore, when calling you can inquire about pricing for cuts and color. The cost of a regular DevaCut at the NYC flagship salon varies depending on stylist and hair length and needs, but most cuts at the NYC salon begin at $85, cap at $250 depending on expertise and experience. In addition to the DevaCurl stylists, stylists from around the country have attended a 1- or 2-day program and have become either a Deva Inspired or Advanced Stylist. More recently, stylists who have attended the newest Deva Certification program at a DevaCurl academy are evaluated based on a written and practical assessment. A passing performance results in the highest endorsement and they can call themselves a Deva Certified Curl Specialist. This elevates them to premiere status on the DevaCurl Stylist finder.

To find a Deva Salon by zip code, visit and our very own database of curl salons here.

Watch an example of how a DevaCut is performed on Rock Yo Rizos:

Have you had a DevaCut before? What was your experience?


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