Curly hair care lines are not all the same. There are real differences between various brands, which makes sense as we all have different coils, curls, and waves. There are brands that have several lines or collections for curls instead of one for straight hair and one for curly hair. One brand can have several collections just for the curly girls. The Curls brand has products for wavy textures, coily textures, and several variations in between. It even has a professional line, which we love as all curlies should be properly represented and cared for. With other brands it can be challenging to differentiate which lines to try.

Why brands have multiple curly collections

  • Formulated for hair porosity, type and/or width All curls are not the same so it stands to reason one hair care brand would have more than one line.  
  • Reformulations Companies often reformulate their products for numerous reasons: making improvements, catering to a new demographic, and making the product safer. Reformulations do not always mean the previous product was bad and sometimes the original formula might still be in production. 
  • Professional lines Some brands will have drugstore lines accompanied by professional lines. The professional lines are often inspired by hairstylists or for their use. They tend to be more expensive because they are formulated for the specific needs of the hairstylist.  

DevaCare vs. DevaCurl

One brand in particular would be DevaCurl. It prides itself on creating curly hair experts through products and hairstylists. DevaCurl’s mission is to teach women to create amazingly beautiful curls and love them. Curly hair is bold, natural, and beautiful and must be celebrated, according to DevaCurl. Recently I was made aware of a formula difference between the DevaCurl line and the DevaCare line so I had to investigate. DevaCare and DevaCurl are of the same company but separate collections. DevaCare has a white label and DevaCurl has a green label, but are their ingredient differences?

I contacted DevaCurl to see what its representatives had to say: “Our DevaCurl products work great on all hair types. Our DevaCare products are enhanced with vitamin C and orange peel extract for use on chemically processed or color treated hair. All of our products are sulfate, paraben, and silicone free and are botanically infused.”

The difference? DevaCare products are enhanced with vitamin C and orange peel extract for use on chemically processed or color treated hair.

Managing for color-treated curls requires special care. Our curls are delicate and need extra TLC when we apply chemicals and heat, whether it is for color or straightening. The two collections are similar in price point, but the DevaCare is formulated with more vitamins to aid in the use of chemicals and frequent heat usage.

Have you tried either collections? Can you notice a difference?


Sabrina Perkins

Sabrina, founder of and contributor to several online publications, is a freelance writer who engages her audiences on the relevance of natural hair, beauty, and style.

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