The right piece of jewelry can make you feel confident in any outfit, whether it is a necklace, rings, or a bracelet. Why not take this outstanding feeling to a new level and rock some hair jewelry? Hair jewelry has been around since the Victorian era and it is starting to reappear. With summer quickly approaching what better way to spice up your voluminous hair?

Hair chains are a fabulous addition to twist outs, braid outs, or any style that is being worn out or an updo. There are various forms of hair chains, however, the majority of the chains have combs at the end that will secure into your hair. Do not be afraid of them possibly snagging on your curls, as there are various methods to prevent this. Making sure the hair is tangle free as possible and detangling the area the combs are placed in will reduce the possibility of snagging. If you are looking for headpieces this summer, here are great retailers to check out. 

Forever 21

People all around the world have heard about this phenomenal store. Forever 21 is the home of all things fashion for men and ladies. Its inventory ranges from shoes, purses, clothes, and jewelry. Finding a piece of hair jewelry in the store will allow you to see the actual size of it and even try it on. If you don’t have luck in the store, you can also try their website.


Forever 21 not for you? Hair chains can also be found at Nordstrom. The apparel at Nordstrom ranges from bohemian style to an elegant style, so whatever the occasion hair jewelry can be found to fit it.

Urban Outfitters

If your style is more trendy, then Urban Outfitters is for you. This store is great for finding unique trends and this trait applies to the jewelry as well. Their unique hair chains are perfect statement pieces to spice up any hairstyle.

Charming Charlie

What better place to find accessories than a store constructed just for them? Charming Charlie has various accessories and types of hair chains. A cool thing about Charming Charlie is that the store is divided into colors, so if you are looking for a hair chain with red, green, purple, or black, it’s easy. Just go to that color inside of the store. is a great website to explore the numerous styles of hair chains available. If you are worrying about the hair chains with combs attached to it, this is a perfect place to explore different types. There are hair chains with clamps and chains with elastic attached to secure it on the head.

Wet Seal

If your patience is thin and online shops are not for you, then browse Wet Seal. Wet Seal has stylish accessories if your style is more youthful and playful. Their selections are useful for a fun day in the sun or at the beach.

There you have it! Six places to buy fabulous hair jewelry! Whether you are shopping in stores or online there are multiple options out there. Embrace the beauty and spice up your hairstyle. Nothing is wrong with adding a little jewelry.

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Where do you purchase your headpieces?