Dominican hair care products have been a booming industry for many years. At this point many women, especially women with naturally curly hair, have heard about a special quality about Dominican products. A quality that is not quite comparable to other products we have encountered. Common Dominican hair care product lines are Alter Ego, Avanti, Boe, Kismera, Kuz, Maxima and so many more. Welcome to your introduction to Dominican products.

Dominican Products 101  

Dominican styling has evolved over the years as women are accepting their natural textures globally, however, traditional Dominican styling still exists and all forms of Dominican styling branch from the traditional methods. Today you will not only find Dominican Salons in their native country, but you will find these types of salons all over the world. Their specialty is the Dominican blowout, which includes getting your hair cleansed, conditioned, and set on rollers beneath a hair dryer. For added body and smoothing, the hair is then blown out with a round brush. Here is a detailed look at what Dominican products have to offer.


Using oils to coat each strand for 20 min. before cleansing your hair serves as a pre-shampoo treatment to the hair. The oils add shine and moisture to the hair. Whether Dominicans were aware of it or not, a pre-shampoo treatment is one of the best things to do for damage prone hair to prevent hygral fatigue. Some typical pre-shampoo oils are avocado, coconut, cinnamon, and garlic oil.


Dominican cleansers use natural extracts to specifically address scalp conditions and strengthen hair follicles. Product developers are well aware of the cellular structure of the hair and use rare fatty acids gentle additives to protect the integrity of the hair. While there are some sulfate shampoos available for specific usage (clarifying), moisturizing shampoos dominate the Dominican product market. 

Deep Conditioner

Before a blowout or any style utilizing heat, a deep conditioner is recommended to repair the strands and strengthen prior to styling. Dominican products are ultra rich in protein and moisturizing fatty acids. Based on your hair’s need you can find a conditioner to suit your needs. Conditioners are typically utilized under a heat for deeper penetration. In traditional Dominican Salon settings, they may not charge you extra for a deep conditioner if you bring your own from home.

Rinse Out and Leave-in Conditioner

These can be used when skipping a deep conditioner or to be used after a deep conditioning treatment to detangle the hair. In lieu of a rinse out conditioner, a leave in treatment might also be used after a deep condition prior to heat styling.  Dominican formulated leave-ins serve as heat protectants

Ampules (drops)

One very unique feature about Dominican products is its use of treatment drops also known as ampules. As needed, ampules are treatment drops for the scalp and/or hair and are to be used after the cleansing/conditioning process. According to Round Brush Hair, the drops serve multiple purposes including “dryness, weakness, hair loss, hair growth and restructuring.”

Serum Stylers

Serums and hair polishers are used to seal in moisture to the strands and shield against the heat. One thing to note about traditional Dominican products is that in some products you may find silicones in the serum stylers, which does not typically cause problems for Dominican styling, as women get their hair straightened often.

Dominican Educator of Delino Salon and Spa, Ino Paulino, shares that it is the rare formulations that make Dominican Products such a treat.  For this reason the salon carries their own line of Dominican Hair Care products. She states,” The difference is in the formula. Our products are made with nutrients, vitamins, and proteins that fortify the strands and protect from damage. Our products are best for dry or damaged hair and we seek pure ingredients to deliver a high quality hair care product.” Delino offers a professional line of Dominican styling products which includes shampoos, conditioners, deep treatments, slick drops, pure argan oil and a keratin mask.

Dominican styling is not going anywhere in fact as the natural movement progresses, so does Dominican styling and product development.

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What is your favorite brand of Dominican products?