Silk worms are not the most beautiful of animals, but what they produce can make a difference in the way you look overnight – literally.

Silk amino acids are the small proteins that bind the tiny fibers in silk and are used to prevent dehydration –a key element for hair and beauty products. Though they are natural, silk amino acids are animal products (as in, they do come from animals–the silk worm”>. The proteins from silk amino acids are also water soluble , which makes silk an easy component, and a healthy one, for most hair and beauty products.

Overnight Sensation

Women with curly hair agree that they notice little to no breakage when they use a silk pillowcase at night. Silk pillowcases help to retain the much needed moisture in your hair. Curly and coily hair tends to be very dry, so they need as much moisture as they can get. These pillowcase will also help if you have problems with tangles and knots.

Silk contains 18 essential and non-essential amino acids, and amino acids are the true “building blocks” of the human body. They help to build and repair tissue, form antibodies to combat bacteria and help carry oxygen through the body, which naturally “repairs itself” between the hours of 10pm-2am. So sleeping in silk PJs may not be a bad idea, as it may help your skin breathe and repair itself as you sleep.

Protects Against Elements

You don’t have to limit yourself to silk in the bedroom, silk can continue to work for you during the day in the form of scarves. Regardless of your sense of style, you are sure to find a pattern, color and length that can work for you. Use scarves to tie your hair up at night and secure with some metal clips, wear one to work, or protect your hair from the elements when you’re outdoors. 

Strengthens & Seals

There are a number of products which coin their name on silk alone–Biosilk and Silk Elements are only two. However, a number of hair and beauty care products boast about containing silk as their key ingredient. Whenever silk amino acids are applied to hair, the proteins bind to the natural keratin in the hair and help to strengthen the hair and protect against moisture loss. The silk also assists in repairing damaged hair as well.

Combats Wrinkles

Products containing silk for face and skin, such as Avon’s Skin So Soft Signature Silk actually has antioxidant effects that can help combat wrinkles. The silk in beauty products helps to provide necessary moisture to skin and leave skin smooth and soft.

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