Section washing might just be the hair technique that will save you lots of time and energy. I don’t know about you, but my hair loves to tangle and knot at every opportunity. I have a very tight curl pattern and so my strands can shrink up to 10% of their real length. Keeping my hair stretched and tangle-free is one of the biggest hurdles I face in maintaining the health and length of my hair. 

In the natural hair community, various styling techniques have been used to avoid tangles. Some naturals are adamant about pre-pooing while some religiously use detangling brushes to keep their strands from matting. I’ve used both methods in my hair regimen, but section washing is what works the best for me.

What is section washing?

Simply put, section washing involves dividing your hair prior to washing it and only handling each part and section at a time. Simple.

Why is this beneficial?

Curly hair, when shrunken, tends to be very voluminous - at least mine is. It takes the strength of a bodybuilder to lather shampoo through my mane, let alone access and completely cleanse my scalp. Section washing allows me to divide and conquer.

How do I section wash my hair?

Prior to applying any product on my hair for wash day, I part my hair into six sections. First, I part my hair down the middle and then I split each section into three. I install loose two-strand twists and then proceed to apply product on my hair. For example, if I’m shampooing my hair, I apply the product to each section, give it a thorough cleanse, wash the product off, and then move on to the next.

Some curlistas simply section off their hair using hair clips rather than installing two-strand twists or braids. Some even prefer not to unravel each section as they go, but rather smooth products on and off their strands. As each head of hair is different, it’s best to try different section washing techniques and then settle on what works for you. Either way, you’ll find that as you keep your hair stretched and sectioned when washing, it will tangle and knot less.

Leave us a note down below and let us know if you’ve used section washing to keep your hair tangle-free!