Is your bantu knot out failing you? Before you give up on this style completely, try tweaking your products and techniques with these tips and see if you have better results! Let us know in the comments if there's a must-know tip that turned your bantu knot out around.

Your hair isn't dry yet

Give your bantu knots plenty of time to dry, otherwise your hair will be frizzy and undefined. How much time is enough time? When you think they're dry, wait like 10 more hours. Ok we kid (a little bit) but unraveling a wet bantu knot out is a recipe for an unsuccessful bantu knot out.

You didn't apply styler to wet hair

It is important to apply a styler on wet hair since the water in the hair helps spread water-soluble products evenly and easily from roots to ends. Using a styler like Curl Keeper Styling Cream for your bantu knots or twist outs works so well because these styles control the natural open hair cuticles of tight, coily hair that allow the cuticles to dry in a closed position.

Your technique doesn't change with the seasons

As no two people have the same curl pattern and seasonal weather change effects the hair, people have to learn how to adjust the amount of product they may need. Your technique and products may have given you flawless bantu knots in the summer, but now that it's spring you need to tweak your routine to account for humidity and drying time.

You are using the wrong technique

Figure out which bantu knot works for you. Evelyn (pictured) uses the two-strand twist method, "if I just twirl my hair and bantu knot it, it'll look cute for all of 30 minutes and won't hold the pattern. Trial and error."

Your ends don't match

Add extra product to your ends so they're smooth and shiny. Nothing ruins a style more than ends that do not match the rest of the curl.

Your bantu knots are the wrong size

Big bantu knots will give you huge, fluffy hair. It might even resemble a blow out, not a curly fro. On the other hand, small bantu knots will give you a super curly fro. The smaller the sections and the tighter the twist, the more control and definition you will achieve especially if your hair is extremely coily. Play with these sizes and then choose the most appropriate size to achieve the look you're going for.

Leave some wiggle room

This one comes from personal experience. Leave some wiggle room at your roots so you can actually sleep with bantu knots, unless you enjoy sleeping on your face.

Your product doesn't have enough hold

If you're going to go through the effort of two-strand twisting your hair and waiting for a long period of time to let it dry, then you do not want to untwist your hair only to let it frizz and lose definition. A styler like Curly Hair Solutions Styling Cream provides a firm hold that will support your desired style allowing it to last several days. By using Styling Cream, once the hair has dried in a style set without any movement the curls will remain soft and frizz-free.

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