Our NaturallyCurly + CVS Pharmacy's Who Run the World? Curls! series for Women’s History Month 2017 features beauty industry trailblazers and their product innovations. Among the top woman-owned brands on the market, CURLS was founded by none other than Mahisha Delligener - a natural-born maverick and leader in the natural hair care category. This interview reveals her moxie, entrepreneurial spirit, and how she keeps her hair immaculate!

Dellinger's brand, CURLS, is a staple in the NaturallyCurly community.

Mahisha Delligener is responsible for driving the direction of the company, from strategy to product creation and everything in between. As a leader in the natural hair care industry, Dellinger has studied our curly and textured hair community to create and deliver nutrition-first products. This focus led her to create the Blueberry Bliss collection to help textured and curly women grow and maintain healthy hair.

"I have always been a true believer in the law of reciprocity." -Mahisha Dellinger

When asked how she's continued to formulate innovative products that are changing the natural hair landscape Dellinger said,"I sow seeds on fertile ground and have been continually blessed to reap a harvest. I also believe that to whom much is given, much is required. I give of my time, talents, and fortune.  This is, I know, propels me forward, and also keeps me grounded."

And as any great woman can attest, this type of growth cannot be done alone. Dellinger's humble beginnings continue to propel her to focus on creating Holy Grail maintenance and styling products.

Family matters. Always.

"Two women inspired me," she explained, "My oldest daughter Kiana, who is 22 years old, has always been my muse from the day she was born. I was a young, unwed mother when I had her. I was a girl from the projects that had a dream to change her destiny and the destiny of her newborn daughter. That was the path I blazed. I am now a mother of 4; their lives are polar opposite from mine growing up, and for that, I am extremely proud and grateful."

"The second woman that inspired me was my mother," Dellinger said, "She had such a hard life… full of abuse, poverty, generational curses. I longed for her to experience happiness, beyond measure, for the second half of her life."

It is with this heritage of strife that Dellinger has found the impetus to uproot herself from her past to propel herself into a successful, thriving future. She knows that the way forward can be challenging, but she has never given up. That is what makes her a trailblazer in the industry.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

As a gift to you for Women's History Month 2017, Mahisha Dellinger offers this personal and professional advice:

"I give this advice to everyone I mentor, no matter what industry they are in, it is relevant and applicable:

  1. Do your due diligence before you launch a business. Know your industry, competitive landscape, and your product position of power (differentiation).
  2. Don’t recreate the wheel, get a mentor in your industry.  Not sure where to go? Check out score.org.  They partner business owners with mentors.
  3. Create a comprehensive plan of attack.  Every business needs a business plan and a strategic marketing plan. Failing to plan, is planning to fail."

Healthy hair growth

Click for healthy hair growth!

For healthy hair growth, Dellinger recommends introducing vitamins and a healthy hair care regimen into your life. That’s why her nutrient-packed CURLS Blueberry Bliss Collection needs to be added to your current Holy Grails.

Feel like you've caught the entrepreneurial spirit?

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