I'm Samara Indi Guimarães Piti, from Brazil.

I'm a lawyer, but I'm actually trying to start on the administration area. I've been using my natural hair since 2013, in march it will complete 2 years.

Firstly, I was tired of straightening my hair, I was curious to see how it would be to have it natural. And after watching the videos from a Brazilian girl, Rosangela, she was my decisive inspiration. After that I did my big chop.

My hair is black, the natural color. I wash and moisturize my hair twice a week, and in one of those days I deep condition it with a mix of coconut oil, argan oil and bepanthen.

My favorite products are from the line "Perfect Curls", from Tresemmé, they're really good. I get them from Lojas Americanas, a beauty retailer in Brazil. And the perfect technique for my hair is definitively the twist-out. I love it!

You can follow me on my blog, Floating Beauty, on Facebook, and on my Instagram.