You want something in life? Successful vlogger Yolanda Renee says this: GO HARD!

Yolanda Renee is the fierce naturalista behind the brand, Et Cetera.

Introduce yourself.

A lot of people don't understand why my brand is ETC BLOG MAG, lol! I'm kinda shying away from the "mag" part of it but I started blogging mainly about fashion, beauty, and celebrity entertainment. I was a blogger and graphic designer for Necole Kane of and she was my idol! Still is. Lol. So my own blog followed in her footsteps. Other than celeb gossip, fashion & beauty was a main focus as well. So that is why Et Cetera makes sense to me because I covered so many different topics.

However, once I went natural in 2012, natural hair took over my blog and my life! Lol. Now that I'm natural I have been able to branch out and start my very own popular YouTube channel, build relationships with huge brands such as Carol's Daughter, Entwine Couture, Dark & Lovely, Private Stock Hair & more; I've started my own online natural hair inspired clothing line, self published a natural kids coloring book, attend events as a keynote speaker/blogger, and even have my own events!

Overall, I've branded myself in the natural hair community who have accepted me with open arms.

I think my curlfriends love me because I am a naturalista but stand out because of my creative approach with everything. Through my journey I not only inspire my curls to love their hair but I also encourage them to apply this lifestyle change to all aspects of life!

How long have you been natural (brief natural hair journey)?

Before this journey I was always "weaved up"! The Weave Queen! Yaaassss! I use to relax my hair and then sew in a weave with a small leave out section. I did that for a long time and finally I shook my head at myself and asked, why would I put a relaxer in my hair and then cover it up? Finally, I stopped getting perms but still rocked a weave. My last perm was in Nov 2011. Around April or May 2012 I was amazed at my hair growth! I didn't even take care of my real hair but it still was growing! I thought, what if I actually took care of it in its natural would be so healthy! I didn't want to deal with two textures and I figured I had enough new growth/natural hair to do a mini BC! So I did it! I cut the permed ends off and ever since then its been smooth sailing. I love doing hair anyway, so my natural hair journey has been very pleasant! Having an audience helps as well! My curls inspire me to continue my journey! I'm loving every second of it and will never change this lifestyle, EVER!

What's your daily hair routine?

Most probably wouldn't believe me but my hair is protected most of my life! Lol. As a vlogger/blogger I work at home and spend most of my time designing t-shirts, editing videos, online shopping for my online store, processing/packaging orders, being a Mommy and girlfriend, etc. Whenever I'm at home my hair is in two strand twists, bantu knots or a bun. I say all that to let you know my daily routine doesn't require much; I just make sure I oil my scalp every night and add moisture as needed. If I do let "Racquel" out to play I simply let down my twists by coating my hands and fingers with virgin coconut oil, shape and style my 'fro with a hair pick! I keep a goody hair band in my bag just in case my hair gets out of control during the day. A puff always saves the day! I am a firm believer that your regimen should be basic, sticking the basics work! What is most important to have healthy hair to me is sticking to the basics of hair care, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and exercising! I need to work on exercising! Ha! Genetics take the lead as well. So that is why I don't really stress over the actual routine or regimen, sticking to the basics is good enough for me, even as a natural hair vlogger! And that is what I try to show through my channel.

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