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Dryness and curly hair just don’t mix! This makes deep conditioning so crucial. A regular and consistent deep conditioning routine is even more crucial when you are caring for colored treated curls.

We are often told how important deep conditioning is to a natural hair routine, but understanding just how important it is could keep us more consistent. Instead of looking at deep conditioning as a special treatment, especially with color treated hair, we have got to start seeing it as a crucial step in our regimens.

Since recently coloring my hair I’ve been careful to make sure I’m deep conditioning correctly so that I’m not wasting my time. Here’s how.

Preparation Time

You can’t just apply a deep conditioner and expect your curls to be super moisturized. Applying the deep conditioner to clean or freshly co-washed curls is key to getting the results you want.

For example, I use a sulfate-free clarifying tea tree shampoo and then detangle with a co-wash. To prevent your color from becoming dull make sure to stay away from harsh stripping ingredients and sulfates!

Rinsing out the co-wash thoroughly, 1″> removes all the dirt and environmental elements from your hair, 2″> gives you a clean canvas to apply the deep conditioner.

Apply in 2-4 Sections & Rake

One of the common mistakes I see newly returned naturals making is applying product to their hair like they did when they had relaxed hair. For curly hair you’ve got to section and get ALL UP in there. I make sure to section in 2 -4 sections and rake the product through.

sheamoisture deep conditioner

Too much? Create a balance!

I always use creamy deep conditioners or hair masques so it easy to use too much. It’s important to create a balance though! If you glob the deep conditioner on, you could be wasting product, which NO ONE wants to do. Focus on coating each strand.

By raking and smoothing (not globing”> the product on you can avoid wasting product and MONEY! Choose a deep conditioner that is specifically for color treated hair. My current favorite is SheaMoisture’s JBCO Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment Masque.

Crack the Code

The secret to getting a good deep conditioning treatment is making sure the conditioner goes deep! To do this the cuticle, which is the outer most coat on the hair shaft, should be opened. Placing a plastic cap or bag over your head after applying the deep conditioner in a steamy shower, or even sit under a hooded dryer with a heat safe cap on for a while. By doing this you’ll open those cuticles right on up! I’ve almost doubled my deep conditioning frequency and time now that my hair is colored. 3-4 times a month and for about an hour. Do what works for you and your schedule!

The Colder the Better? Actually, yes!

Now that the hair’s cuticles are opened you want each strand to grab onto all the yummy deep conditioned goodness! To do this you’ll need to rinse with cold water to seal and close the hair cuticle.Previous to coloring my hair I would use cool water, but I have noticed a difference with colder water. If you wash your hair in the shower and don’t want to end your shower with a freeze, try getting a handheld shower head that you can use to point and rinse.


Are you thinking about coloring your hair? Let me know what questions you have about the change! Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow my blog- The KG Lifestyle for more beauty, hair, and fashion inspiration!

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