The big chop is a big deal for curlies, no matter your texture, curl type, or pattern. Whether you are wanting to change up your look, get rid of damaged hair, or start from scratch, sporting a TWA is a liberating but oftentimes difficult decision to make. Many of us find ourselves flooded with questions post-chop: What do I do with my hair now? What styles should I choose? Can I accessorize it? Have no fear, curlies, we’ve got you covered! Sporting the teeny-weeny afro should be embraced, loved, and rocked with confidence – and we’re going to show you how it’s done!


1. Bobby Pins

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

Image via @melgizelle

“For this style, I did a side part and used bobby pins to form a snowflake-like shape.”

2. Flowers:

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

Image via @queenteshna

“Nothing says summer like adding a flower to my TWA in a wash-and-go style.”

3. Scarf:

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

Protecting your hair from the sun is essential to keeping your roots and scalp protected during the hot summer months. Using a headwrap is a perfect accessory for a TWA, because you can coordinate the scarf with a bold lipstick.

4. Headband:

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

The 90s have been back in style for some time now, so rocking a headband will have your TWA fierce, funky, and on trend. Whether you are using a satin or skinny headband, this will draw attention to your lovely cut, with little effort to style it.

5. Color:

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

Image via: @lauren.asshley

“My favorite accessory is temporary hair color. It allows me to spice up my look, without ruining my actual color, or curls. Dark and Lovely’s Go Intense sprays are my favorite.”


6. Finger Coils

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

Image via: @rikki_danielle

“The style is my signature go-to: FINGER COILS. I’ve been told I’m the finger coil queen, but I’ll let someone else be the judge! These are so easy, and they last up to 5 days with proper maintenance!”

7. FroHawk

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

Image via: @_lavidarosa

“This golden, flat-twist frohawk is the perfect style for summer.”

8. Wash and Go

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

Image via: @talaylayyy

“Same look, different day! Wash and go’s with a few finger coils thrown into the mix is a staple look of mine. I just dampen my hair, add some of CURLS Blueberry Bliss leave-in conditioner, and a little Eco Styler gel to define random curls that frame my face for maximum definition.”

9. Bantu Knots:

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

Although you might not think so, protective styles are still essential when rocking a TWA. One way for you to keep your scalp safe from the heat is by using bantu knots. Mix up your style with colored weave for extra length and flair, with a pop of color.

10. Mohawk

10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your TWA

Image via: @beatybynesh

“I did my big chop back in 2016, and just like anyone who big chops, I struggled with awkward lengths and stages. To switch it up and add variety, I went straight for the bobby pins. In the first two pictures, I added bobby pins to each side to create a quick and easy mohawk. In the last picture, I took a small section and pinned it up to create a different look.”

Always remember having a TWA doesn’t mean you are limited when it comes to styling and accessorizing. The big chop means new beginnings for your hair health, and our favorite influencers are always here with details and instructions to help guide you on your new journey. Let us know how you like these styles, and how you switch up your TWA each season!

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