You’ve probably seen several variations of styles featuring particularly thick braids all over your timeline, from celebrities to online influencers and people in your social circle. The look is usually created by incorporating synthetic braiding hair (or none, if you’ve got the gift of high density) for a simple but slightly edgy effect.

Depending on how involved the style is and just how big you want the braids to be, the install time for these braids can be a lot less than traditional box braids or cornrows, and yet still perfectly fit the bill for a protective style.


If you’re thinking bigger braids could be in your future, look no further than here. We’ve compiled a list of 13 styles featuring adaptations of the chunky braid trend for you to peruse through before you book your next hair appointment.

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Coi Leray Braids 

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You can’t have a compilation of chunky braid styles without mentioning this one. Rapper Coi Leray popularized shoulder-length, aesthetically pleasing box braids parted down the middle with curled ends, and there’s no sign of its popularity waning anytime soon.


Jewel-Studded Braided Ponytail 

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The single braided ponytail will always reign supreme, but if there was any way to elevate the look even further, it would be to add jewels into the mix. Add a few onto the braid and dispersed throughout sculpted edges to accentuate places you want the eye to be drawn to for the ultimate nightlife look.

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Chunkier braids doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the length. Opt for the same length that you would expect with typical box braids and enjoy the added bit of drama. 


Basic Ponytail

Simply securing your chunky braids into a ponytail is handy and practical, but also super cute. The ease of styling definitely contributes to the “clean girl” aesthetic. And who doesn’t love that ponytail swing? 


Symmetrical Cornrows

Pictured: @namedafterahat 

This style doesn’t call for intricate parting, just straight down the middle and the sides. It was first seen on the likes of rappers like the late Pop Smoke, stylists have since recreated the look in a more feminine way, adding braiding hair for length and defined edges.

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Never underestimate the power of accessorizing your hair. These natural colored beads work perfectly with @truleytalentedbeauty’s light blue ensemble, but you can switch out the colors to fit your mood or whatever the OOTD is. 

Maximum Density

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There’s no limit to the amount of added hair you can add for the thickest braids possible. Watch as @milkayemima finishes up her super chunky protective style on her beautifully dense 4C hair. 


Half-Up, Half-Down

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The half-Up, half-down style is a solidified staple in popular hair culture. Perfect to keep hair out of your face, but still showing off length.Throw a statement scrunchy in the mix as a nod to the box braids of the ‘90’s.


Braided Pigtails

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Who knew pigtails could look so good on adults? When you’re running short on time for styling, try using braiding hair to create a more mature take on a classic childhood style. Play with the height and placement of the ponytails to suit your face.

Ponytail With Bang 

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Follow along with @andreawiththecurls as she secures her jumbo braids and frames her face by bringing two braids into a swoop in front of her face. Don’t forget to cover the elastic with hair in order to achieve a seamless, clean finish. 


Two Feed-In Braids

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If you're ready for a real DIY challenge, see if you can pull off these two feed-in braids without your hands cramping. The feed-in process gives the style a natural look, gradually using braiding hair to increase the braid’s thickness.


Double Ponytails

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With thick, dense hair, the addition of braiding hair isn’t always necessary to achieve a chunky braided style. These super sleek braided pigtails save time without adding hair and are channeling a young, trendy vibe.


Galaxy Colors 

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Bold colors are still making the rounds in popular hair trends, but instead of going for a singular color–why not try a color theme? The medium knotless braids depicted here are various shades of blue, purple, and even pink to represent the color palette of a galaxy. 

Have you opted for bigger braids recently? Let us know how you’ve been styling chunky braids below.

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