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29 TikTok Curly Hair Hacks

Without the ability to head to a salon for a haircut or see our favorite stylist for a protective hair style during the pandemic, we had to get creative. TikTok proved to be a new and innovative way for curlies across the globe to start sharing their latest curly hacks, tips, tricks, and continue the conversation around natural hair care. Whether you were trying out a new hairstyle, whipping up homemade products, or simply learning the basics of curly hair care, TikTok has something for everyone. We’ve rounded up a few of the most watchable and informative curly girl TikToks to get you through every phase of curly life whether you’re looking to improve your techniques or need inspiration for a new style.

Curl Techniques on TikTok

Technique is everything when you are using your favorite curly tool to get you through your routine. We all know the highs and lows of trying to make our hair care process easier, more seamless, and with a little less hassle in our day to day lives. These TikTok’s are a compilation of small improvements and tweaks you can make that will upgrade your routine in seconds.



Was it worth it?

original sound - Alexandra Karadimas

Lovelifecurlsofficial shares the ever popular finger coiling method, which is a great way to form your curls after a wash day!



We Can't Be Friends - Dream Koala

Learn how to define your curls using your favorite styling cream and a Denman brush, thanks to makenzieandmalia.


hope this helps

original sound - Jack Pesta

Anastasiaperraultt reminds us to prevent frizz by using a satin bonnet to wrap your hair at night.


How to Grow Long Natural Hair!

original sound - niaakilah__

Naturalistas with type 4 hair can check out niaakilah__’s TikTok to learn how to wrap and protect their ends for hair growth.


How You Feel? (Freestyle) - DJ Scheme & Danny Towers

thecurlycode shows us how to use a perm rod set for tight and defined curls.

Product Cocktails on TikTok

Ah there’s nothing like a good curly cocktail to bring your curls to life! Product cocktails are all about layering the right products to help your hair depending on your overall goals. No two cocktails are the same because we all have different curl types and textures. It’s rare that one product will be able to take care of all your natural hair needs, so learning how to cocktail your favorite products is a must!



Rags2Riches x 24 x Goosebumps - carneyval

Learn how to cocktail your products using a styling cream and gel with this step by step curl routine by curlsbykeish.


Thanks for folllowing #curlyhair #naturalhair #hairgrowth #curlyhairroutine #lengthcheck #sheamoisture #curlycut #haircut #fyp #hangtime

Tap In - Saweetie

The LCO (Leave-in, Cream, Oil) method is a popular way to bring all the moisture to your curls. Sallybruks makes it easy for us to follow. 


Curly hair don’t care #curlyhair #hairtutorial #hair #hairstyle #hairflip #curlyhairdontcare #curls #curly #latina

Elegant Instrumental Background Music - Coffee Kaffee Café

If you have longer curls then iamjocelynsilva has an excellent tutorial in sectioning and taking your time to slowly layer in the products.


Step by step order for dry hair

original sound - Blue Nightmare

It can be tough to decide which products are essential to use when your curls are dry. Kekekurly’s TikTok showcases a great transition of products to use when you need more moisture.


Like for part 3

Pop Smoke candy shop - EZD

If you have ever mixed products together and had a horrible result then kumarienaomi can teach you a quick way to test how well your product formulas will help or hurt your hairstyle.

Hair Cut Transformations

Is there anything more satisfying than a good haircut? Having your haircut regularly is an essential part of maintaining healthy curls. Many TikToks filmed at the salon walk us through the problem, cut, and of course amazing transformation on behalf of the stylist. These TikToks are a great way to discover curly hair salons in your area and get inspiration for your next cut. Whether you’re feeling bold about bangs or looking to try out a new style, the transformations on these TikToks are jaw dropping.


Ralph Castelli

Watch romy_xsara bring these damaged ends back to life with a trim and curl defining products. 


Are you ?

original sound - CurlPop

Cutting your bangs is as simple as 1, 2, 3, with this quick tutorial by CurlPop showing us a beautiful bangs transformation.


Steven Universe - L.Dre

ActuallyAshly shows us the importance of effective communication with your stylist in order to achieve the best result for your curls.


FRANCHISE - Travis Scott

If you have long and loose curls this is a great curly transformation from CurlsBySabrina from start to finish.


I’ve been going to Joe Miguel for 4 years now, I def recommend if you’re in NYC/NJ my hair is still long, I got shorter layers

Whoopty - CJ

Layers are on the menu for this curly transformation with Aayapendarvis.

TikTok Curl Styling Tips

Style is everything whether you are headed out or looking for a casual way to showcase your curls. Curly styles are versatile, fun, and easy. With a little bit of patience and practice you can find your signature look in no time. TikTok is full of quick tips and fabulous transformations that will have you running to your bathroom with your favorite products in hand to master the latest style. Don’t forget to read the caption where most creators layout additional information for achieving their look.


This is cute

American Boy but Shibuya is there too - goalsounds

draco.dez shares a cute and fast way to create space buns with bangs and then lay them down with your favorite edge tamer.


Highhh half up half down

Lets Link - WhoHeem

its.brinkley’s modern take on the classic half up/down hairstyle is a sleek and voluminous way to sport your curls.


Curly hairstyle avec foulard

Adderall (Corvette Corvette) - Popp Hunna

Hair accessories are the bread and butter of taking a curly look from basic to upgraded. cecilialaulanne uses a headwrap as a quick and stylish way to keep her curls protected and cute!


Reply to @megdelawit15 Here is my twist out routine!

Kontrol - Maleek Berry

One of the secrets of creating a different curl pattern or waves is rocking your hair fresh from a protective style like itslulit’s flawless twist out routine.


original sound - fourwashington

Looking for creative ways you change classic buns and incorporate braids? Carranitac makes it look so easy.

Curly Comedy

There is nothing like the nuisances and quirks of rocking curly hair. Our community is filled with diverse textures, curl patterns, and naturalistas from all over the world who seek to support each other. TikTok not only gives us useful tips, but a much needed laugh in the world of #relatable content. Whether you’re dealing with frizzy curls, humidity, or social commentary, we can relate to the struggles and frustrations that come with our hair.


molly rocks in my heathcliff - junobugs

Who else knows the struggle of having flawless curls by day that end up getting a little looser at night? Aynsleypower does.


please don’t flame me

Lemonade Internet Money - joy:)

Notsuehaila reminds us that it takes time and preparation to keep our curls popping and flawless!



original sound - Lily-Rose

It’s the age old discussion, to brush our curls out or not? That is the question...with hilarious results from 1x.x.delia.x.x1.


For those of you who think I have short hair

No Idea - Don Toliver

Shrinkage is real when curls combine with water, watch arlene_fuerte’s transformation from short to long in a matter of seconds.


The amount of times I’ve seen this happen, always ask!

3 Vets - The Future Kingz

How many times do we get asked if people can touch our hair? brookemonk_ encapsulates the mood in a few short seconds.

Color Transformations

Spring is here which means more curls, more styles, and more color! As new color safe products are rolling out on the floor to help liven up our curls, we have more versatile options to color our hair at the salon and at home. These curly TikTok’s feature amazing transformations with helpful tips to keep your curls healthy and bouncing with bold pops of color.


Reply to @suminabhadel What colour should I do next? insta/yt: draco.dez :)

SugarCrash! - ElyOtto

We love to see draco.dez’s healthy colored curls in color wax


who’s up? I just turned blonde

original sound - DJ Dee Yombo

yazminaaliyah’s transformation shows the transition from dark hair to blonde using hair wax.


definitely works but the color was not for me

Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) - Doja Cat

It’s always important when you have dark hair like daniaviktoria to pick a color that is going to enhance your natural hue like red!


Wassup? - Jordan Knows

We always recommend going to a stylist like romy_xsara to help you achieve healthy curls when you’re doing a big color change.


whole color process on my youtub (in bio)

miley cyrus x the climb - elijah

This DIY color transformation by synamintoastcrunch is jaw dropping using a few magnetic colors.

We can’t wait to see the new curly TikToks that will emerge over the next year as more content rolls out on the platform. Let us know your favorite accounts to follow in the comments!