Coming up with innovative ways to style our curly, kinky or wavy hair can be daunting, but have no fear! We’ve mastered three beautiful hair twists and are offering you helpful tips on how to twist your hair to perfection.

Side Twist

One side or both sides, big or small!

A side twist is one of the most basic hair twists to try. Simply, pull the hair back into a ponytail or bun, leaving two 1-inch pieces on each side, outside of the pony. Keep in mind that you can create as many twists as you would like. If you want more, leave more strands out from the bun or ponytail.

After sleeking your hair back, take each piece, one side at a time, and twist gradually until you can secure it with a bobby pin underneath the pony, or whatever pieces of hair you have left hanging. The goal is to hide the pins.

This is a trendy new version of an up ‘do, and while it is simple to create, it comes off as sophisticated and put together.

Front Twist

Twist hair out and away from your face.

For a front twist style, begin at your part, separating pieces of hair in to two sections. Then, twist each piece upward horizontally until it is tight. Be careful not to twist the strands too tightly as this can damage your locks.

Pin the hair in place and repeat on the other side. Once the twists are in place, you should have accomplished a half up, half down look. Use a finishing spray, like Innersense I Create Finishing Spray, to add shine and definition to the curls underneath.

Twistie Twist

Like a braid, but easier!

A twistie twist is another of the popular hair twists. Ultimately, each strand is twisted, then the strands are twisted together, creating a double twist. The technique is similar to braiding, except that you have only two pieces of hair, rather than three.

This hairstyle is best accomplished on freshly conditioned, towel dried hair.

Start by separating two strands of your hair. Then twist each individual strand. Using your finger, twist the two strands around your fingers until you have little buns. Leave room on the bottom in order to secure it properly. Hairpins or rubber bands can be used to secure each strand. Continue this technique throughout. Allow the hair to dry completely without heat.

Another variation of this hairstyle is to allow the hair to naturally unravel instead of securing each strand.

This hairstyle is great for thick, coarse or out of control curly hair. For different results, try different size hair twists.

For thicker hair, section the hair into four parts and work on each section; it’s important that each twist is twisted in the same direction.

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