Don’t forfeit your personal style to the monotony of the daily grind! There are countless cute ways to style your natural hair professionally for your work day, but because we know you’re a busy woman we summed up quick and easy choices for you.

What you’ll need

There are various reasons why many naturals desire an alternative to the twist out, braids out, and all things out when in a professional setting: company culture, avoiding a thousand questions, annoying hair in the face, polished look, and the list goes on.

Here are three professional hairstyles that are simple, quick, and can be modified for various lengths. They all start with the same base of two-strand twists.

The night before 

  1. Divide the hair in four sections and secure with the hair clips.
  2. Starting in the front, apply the ORS Curls Unleashed Leave-in Conditioner in a smoothing motion from ends to roots.
  3. Apply the ORS Curls Unleashed Take Command Curl Crème and create 4-6 two-strand twists. The smaller the twist, the more defined the style will be when released. Continue steps 1-3 with the other three sections.
  4. Cover your two-strand twists with a satin or silk scarf and allow them to set overnight.

French roll+Pompadour

  1. After unravelling all of the twists, proceed to gather the hair from the back sections. 
  2. Begin to French roll your hair from the nape toward the crown. Secure the roll with bobby pins along the way.
  3. Once to the crown, take the loose hair from the front two sections, extend it upward, and begin rolling the hair downward toward the back as if on a roller. With a bobby pin, secure the rolled section to the scalp. Pin the sections to your desired volume.

 Pinned Puff

  1. After your twists have been unraveled, tie a knee high stocking around your head like you are creating a puff. 
  2. Adjust the puff to your desired size while being mindful that the loose hair must be long enough to pin.
  3. Take small sections of the loose ends and begin pinning around the parameter of the stocking cap. Continue until of the hair is secure. 

The finished look should resemble a big donut bun.

Triple Tuck

  1. Divide the hair in the middle from ear to ear and secure the front section with a ponytail holder.
  2. Create a three vertical sections sections in the back.
  3. Gather and smooth the middle section by pull it towards the crown. Secure it to the scalp with bobby pins.
  4. Starting at the nape, grab a 1-2 in. portion of the left section, pull it across to overlap the middle section, and secure the ends to the center with a bobby pin. Repeat with a portion of the right section.
  5. Continue step 4 for until the entire back section is pinned. The finished look should reflect a weaving effect.  Stop once you get to the crown.
  6. Release the front section, smooth the right side 1/3 of the way toward the left, and secure with bobby pins. Repeat this on the left section. The finished look should have all of the remaining loose hair gathered at the on top of the head.
  7. Take a 3-inch section at the crown, extend it upward, tuck and roll it towards the scalp, and secure with bobby pins. Repeat this with the remaining loose hair. Adjust the size and placement to your liking.

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