Do you ever feel like you need to transform your hairstyle but don’t know where to start? Well, it doesn’t always have to be a drastic cut or color to make a difference.

If you’re having a dull moment with your curls, don’t even sweat it–something as simple as moving the part in your hair can be a refreshing way to change up your appearance. Why not try these three ways to change your part for a different look?

The Center Part

It’s simple, effortless with a bohemian vibe. This look shows off more of the face by keeping a balanced section of hair on both sides. Think of an imaginary line starting from the center of your chin, through the center of your nose, between your brows and up into the hairline. That is essentially where you want your part to line up. However, with curly hair using a comb for precision can sometimes mess up a perfectly defined curl. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to create the part and let them zig-zag naturally down the center to make it more modern and less precise.

  • Bonus Tip: Center parts don’t have to be boring, add a headwrap or Mia’s Part Art to dress it up.

The Off-Center/Side Part

It’s an easy way to give your curls a small boost of volume especially if they appear flat. A good rule of thumb is to keep the part in between the start of your brow and the arch. After the hair is washed and styling products have been applied, take individual curls and move them over to your preferred side. Letting them dry in this position will ensure that your part stays in place. A side part can also be a temporary fix to hide an area that is experiencing hair loss. If this is your normal part, try switching sides to make a subtle difference.

  • Bonus Tip: To make your part more interesting, try glitter roots by mixing colorful chunky glitter to your hair gel and applying it with a hair color brush to the area.

The Extreme Side Part

It is a flirty, sexy way to wear your curls. If the hair falls slightly onto your face, it can even add a bit of mystery to your look. The extreme side part starts anywhere from the arch of your brow, to as far as your ear. It gives the crown major height and transforms your everyday curls into something more glamorous.

  • Bonus Tip: Enhance the look by smoothing edge control along one side of your hairline and adding embellished hairpins, a hair comb or flower.

No matter what hair part you try, it will make enough of a difference to keep you happy.

The beauty of it all is that unlike a haircut or hair color, it costs nothing to make these small changes and stumps others on what’s different about you.

What is your favorite way to part your hair? Which ones have been successful? Do you part your hair in a completely different way? We’d love to know about your experiences down in the comments.

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