The holiday party season is here. Your soiree schedule is set. Before you know it, you’ll be reconnecting with colleagues, spreading holiday cheer with friends, and maybe even stealing a few mistletoe kisses — wink, wink. (But not at the company party, of course!”>

Although you may still be searching for the perfect party dresses, there’s no need to stress about your textured tresses. Here, glam stylist Rodney Cutler shares simple style ideas to dazzle different occasions: the somewhat-structured office party, the coveted black-tie affair with your beau, and that all-night holiday bash you can’t wait to crash solo!

The Holiday Event: Office Party

What you’re going for: Polished & Professional

Try: Side-Swept Spirals

How to get it: The company holiday party can be fun and festive, but you always want to remember that it’s still a professional function. The goal is to strike a balance between formal and casual. Have fun, but don’t go haywire. Show a different side of yourself, but not too different. Argh! The etiquette rules may wear on your nerves, but your party look doesn’t have to.

First, style your curls as usual, and create a strong part. If you normally aim for the center, try a side part — or vice versa.

“You want to look different from how your work colleagues normally see you, without going overboard,” says Rodney Cutler of New York’s Cutler Salon.

Then, sweep one side back with two or three decorative bobby pins. You can roll your curls back in one or two sections (to make it a little more formal”> or loosely sweep your textured tresses back to one side (for a more relaxed, but still-stylish look”>. The glitzy bobby pins add a seasonal effect, so don’t be afraid to show them — they’re part of the holiday style.

At this event, you’re only festive, never flashy. No need to be paranoid, but do remember that someone (maybe your boss”> will be watching you, so skip the drinking games!

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