Caring for beautiful 4c natural hair is a privilege and, let’s be frank—a lot of work at times. From daily moisturizing, to frequent deep conditioning treatments, and a wash day that truly requires its own dedicated time slot in your schedule, it can get pretty demanding. And as your hair gets longer, it can be more difficult to maintain that coveted moisture and keep those knots at bay.

Fortunately for us modern naturals, we have more information and resources available to us than ever before on how to care for our highly textured kinks and coils at every stage. The natural hair gurus on YouTube and Instagram keep us informed on the latest products and techniques to maintain length and most importantly, healthy hair.

If you’re in need of some new tips and tricks to care for and style your 4c hair as it gets longer, we’ve put together a list of 10 Instagram accounts for you to follow ASAP.

1. Instagram: @ _harrisjanae_


Being a type-4 natural doesn’t scare Harris away from executing a bomb wash-and-go. She uses Wet Line Xtreme Gel for maximum definition, with no flakes and all the volume—check out her tutorial.

2. Instagram: @efikzara

Remember the Blue Magic Grease your mom used to use on your hair? Although we’ve moved on to products that some claim are healthier, good-old grease might not be as bad as you think. In fact, Zara uses it in her routine to grow her long, low porosity 4c afro—and the results are gorgeous.

3. Instagram: @naturallychantal

If there’s one rule we can live by as 4c naturals, it’s to leave your hair alone. As much as we want to experiment with the versatility of our hair, one of the best ways to prevent brittle hair from breaking, splitting, or breaking, is to not overstyle it. Chantal keeps her hair in protective styles, and prioritizes deep conditioning.

4. Instagram: @halfricanbeaute

When washing long hair that’s prone to tangling, the key is to wash in sections and concentrate the shampoo to the scalp—using only a small amount. Isi has a flawless wash day routine that just might help cut down on your detangling time.

5. Instagram: @tyramaeofficial

For some people, volume wins over definition every time. A few of Tyra's faves include super moisturizing products like the Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Strengthening Masque, The Mane Choice 3 in 1 Conditioner, and more. When the ‘fro isn’t out, Tyra uses knotless braids as a protective style.

6. Instagram: @blakejael

Behind every amazing braid-out are some amazing products. Blake uses NeoCurly Products, which cater to all hair types and keeps her hair moisturized and defined all week. To keep definition on the ends, make sure to use perm rods.

7. Instagram: @thenotoriuskia

Protective styles are a godsend, but be sure to take care of your hair while it’s styled. Surprisingly enough, Kia rarely utilizes protective styling, but she does stay on top of moisturizing and gets professional trims.

8. Instagram: @naturallycha

One trick to deep conditioning: don’t wash all of it out. As a hair growth tip, Charlotte washes about 50% of the TGIN Honey Miracle Mask which improves moisture, shine, and manageability.

9. Instagram: @neffyfrofro

We love a good detangling brush, but don’t sleep on finger detangling. Incorporating finger detangling along with using a tool is ideal for keeping breakage to a minimum and ensuring all knots are taken care of.

10. Instagram: @creolenaturelle

Daphnie is the queen of versatile protective styles. From drawstring ponytail styles, to passion twists, to faux crown braids, she does it all. Take a look at her YouTube channel for tips on detangling long, thick natural hair with a wooden wide tooth comb rather than a Denman brush.

Do you have any techniques or style ideas for long 4c hair? Leave your tips and tricks down in the comments.