Wedding hair is extremely versatile when it comes to styling your hair for your wedding day. Hairstyles and accessories are a beautiful way to express a bride’s style and personality, and flowers are one of the least expensive bridal accessories you can find.

I am delighted to collaborate with stylist  to find an alternative to your traditional headpiece with floral adornments. You can choose big or small flowers in different colors and hues or keep it simple with greenery with these 5 unique ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day hair.

Baby’s breath

My favorite flower is baby’s breath, and I love it even more when it’s used for beauty purposes. Adding baby’s breath to your mane provides a soft and romantic touch that doesn’t interfere with your hairstyle. Baby’s breath can be added anywhere in your hair, which is the reason why this floral piece is so awesome. Intertwine your curls with baby’s breath, you can literally add them wherever you like.


Floral crown

A flower headpiece should be an accent to your style, not the focus. If you would like to steer away from bold colored florals, there are plenty of neutral flowers to choose from. Beautiful whites, creams and blush pink flowers will allow you to remain uniform with your ivory or white wedding dress. Whether your wedding will have a casual beach theme or a more formal, traditional look and feel, almost any flower can be incorporated and molded to suit your wedding style. This can also be an easy element for a bride to add in her accent color without being overbearing.


Floral veil

If you’re not too fond of placing flowers into your hair, you may love the look of adding florals to your wedding veil. You can display them as if you were adding crystals or intricate lace. Styling your veil with small florals using pins or glue will accent your wedding style with ease.

Always research your flower of choice

Be sure to research which flowers would be great for you hair based on the style you choose. Although you may love dandelions, they will wilt within a matter of hours and destroy your wedding day style. Some great flowers to choose are succulents, orchids, roses and amaryllis, just to name a few.

Would you (or did you”> wear flowers in your hair on your wedding day?

Thank you for reading!

Photographer: Sheri Headley

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