A wedding, sometimes known as the “magical day,” is a ceremony that symbolizes the union of two people and their families. Though stressful, this day is filled with lots of smiles, joyful tears, hugs, photos, and plenty of kisses and love. Amidst all the things you are required to do on this special occasion, your hair should never be a stress factor. The key to finding a lasting hairstyle is making sure it lasts all day long. I’ll show you 8 styles that can stay frizz-and-puff-free for hours on end.

Set The Stage

The first thing you need to decide when trying to determine how you will wear your hair is to first determine:

  1. What texture do you want to wear your hair? Naturally curly, stretched, blown-out or slicked down?

  2. How do you want your hair to set? (to the side, up, down, half-up half-down, in a bun”>

For the first 4 hairstyles I decided that I wanted to try a curl updo but I wasn’t sure how I wanted my curls to set.  So I figured, why not try setting my hair with both Flexi Rods and Perm Rods?

Hairstyle 1 and 2: Flexi Rod Set On Dry Hair

With the flexi rods still in my hair, I sprayed the hair with a light holding spray.

After 5 minutes, I unraveled the flexi rod and separated each curl into 2 or more sections.

To complete this look, I placed a beautiful hair bando from ear to ear to make my hair appear as if I have curly bangs.

Hairstyle 3: Perm Rod Set On Wet Hair

  1. I used Eco-Styler Gel to set my hair, which gives my hair a lasting hold without flakiness.
  2. I unraveled each curl in 4 or more sections, then took the middle section and swept it up into the middle.
  3. I secured the middle section with bobby pins, leaving curls out in the front and back.
  4. I added an old chandelier earring as a hair accessory.

Hairstyle 4: Side Sweep Faux Rose Style

  1. I set my hair with flexi-rod on dry hair
  2. I swept the hair in a low loose ponytail.
  3. I left a few curls out in the front and back (the goal was to create a side pony and accessorize it”>.

Hairstyle 5

  1. On blown-out hair part hair diagonally from ear to ear across.
  2. I secured the lower half in a tight low ponytail.
  3. I continued by sectioning the top half of the hair into half, leaving the crown section out and sleeking the middle section up in a tight pony tail.
  4. With the top section, I created a pompadour with the desired height I wanted.
  5. I secured the pompadour into the bun underneath, then went back to the lower section bun and created a roll and pin bun. Think of this section as a Italian pastry with the middle of the roll is hollow.
  6. I secured each section with a bobby pin on top and one on the bottom. Then I finished with an accessory, smoothed the middle section, and pinned the ends. 

Hairstyle 6: Blown-Out Side Sweep

  1. I started with hair blown out, section out the crown of the hair. The part does not have to be perfect!
  2. I clipped the back of the hair in a low side pony as tight as possible.
  3. Next, I smoothed my bangs down with a brush to create a sweep just above my eyebrows. The key is to pin the bang underneath the bun, this way there’s more tension in the hair and the bangs will remain in place for a long time.
  4. I wanted my bun to be big and puffy so I added kinky hair extensions to the bun first by pinning the hair in place.  Then I secured the bun with a thick scrunchie.  To cover the hair extentions and the hair tie I took my hair and wrapped it around folding the end under and then secured everything with one last hair tie.  
  5. I added a crown hair accessory to make this style more formal.

Hairstyle 7: Slick Retro Updo

  1. I prepped my hair by blowing it out and detangle the ends with my Tangle Teezer brush. Once my hair felt smooth and detangled, I parted my hair to the side.
  2. With my soft bristle brush, I slicked one side of my hair around the nape of my neck and secured the hair with long bobby pins.
  3. For more volume, I added afro bulk hair to the back of my head, securing it with bobby pins.
  4. I then covered the kinky hair extensions with my own hair, starting from the bottom and slowly working my way up to the top, securing my hair with bobby pins.
  5. Similar to hairstyle 6, I swept my bangs to the side just above my brow and secured it in the back.

Style 8: Low-Do On Stretched Hair

  1. On stretched natural hair, I created bangs by parting the crown section out and securing the rest of my hair in a low pony.
  2. Next I got creative with flexi-rods by wrapping kinky hair around the flexi-rod securing the hair to the rod with an elastic band on each end.
  3. I placed the rod on the top section of my bun, I flipped my hair over the rod on secure the rod in place bending each end of the rod.
  4. I formed my bun in a semi circle shape and secure it with bobby pins.
  5. I kept my bangs simple with a front sweep to the side, secured it to the back and accessorize.

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