The beauty of being a curly is that your hair texture, pattern, and type all are unique aspects of you! While there are many reasons your beauty is unique and special, the shape of your face is one that can impact the way your hair falls around your features. Oval face shapes are versatile in that many hairstyles can fit this specific face shape — whether they are short, long, or chin length. A good haircut will highlight your favorite facial features like your cheekbones or lips, but it all depends on the style you are looking to achieve. Check out these stylists’ tips for how oval-faced women should cut/style their hair.

![oval 2]Best Cuts and Styles for Oval Faces According to a Stylist

Image: @dashell_devacurl

Stylist: Dashell

“To have an oval face shape is to be blessed with perfect symmetry! Oval is the ideal face shape because it is the most balanced all the way around and is the most visually pleasing. What this means for a client when it comes to the shape of their haircut, is they can wear anything! Side parts, center parts, fringe, and bangs, long or short! The reason for this flexibility and versatility is because there isn’t an unbalance that needs to be corrected in an oval face shape. For example, triangle face shapes, that have wider jawlines, bangs would be favorable to create width up top. Or oblong face shapes, where shorter lengths look nicer to help make the face more oval. Creating an “oval” face shape on someone who may not naturally have one is my job as a stylist. So if you are fortunate to have this shape naturally, embrace the change and try something new, because you can!!”

![oval 3]Best Cuts and Styles for Oval Faces According to a Stylist

Image: @hairmajestiii

Stylist: Alisha, Lavish Salon

“I cut my curly girls dry versus wet because every curly girl has multiple curl patterns naturally and when you wet the hair, it stretches out, and we don’t know how it’s gonna shrink up dry. I always tend to stick with round layers to frame the face. Most of my girls come in with a triangular shape that they are trying to get away from. I cut curl by curl and carve into each curl, especially around the face to take bulk out if needed. I love all my curly girls! The curls come in all shapes and sizes making every haircut unique to custom to fit each person.”

![oval 4]Best Cuts and Styles for Oval Faces According to a Stylist

Image: @utopia_salon_nj

Stylist: Nubia Suarez

“Oval shapes come in different symmetries, depending on the client’s texture and curl type. I like to create a softer fringe that lays around the shoulders. I think this makes a harmonious and balanced shape for my clients.”

![oval 5]Best Cuts and Styles for Oval Faces According to a Stylist

Image: @actually_ashly

Stylist: Sharita, The Loft Hair Studio

“Curly hair frames an oval shape face very well no matter the length. This Wash and Go style with partial “side twists” shows off a great bone structure. It also helps to give you a fly look to accentuate your oval shape face.”

Experimenting with haircuts tailored around your facial shape is a great way to intentionally play up your favorite features. Oval face shapes are long, curvy, and gorgeous! Fellow curlies like Halle Berry, Jordan Dunn, and Selena Gomez are great examples of celebrities with oval face shapes who constantly change their hair game by rocking fierce styles. Use the versatility of your angles to try something trendy whether it’s chopping it off or adding color.