Want to guarantee your hotness through the entire evening without wilting? Easy — just pull those waves up into a fashionable updo. This will keep your hair out of your face and looking fine all night long!  After all, you don’t want to end up on the holiday hair style don’t list.

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Styling Tips

  1. Wash your hair with a light shampoo and conditioner, and apply a light frizz free styling cream, nothing that will make your hair look wet or crunchy. Air dry or diffuse until it is completely dry. Do not try to style this look with damp hair; you will look wilted before you even leave the house.
  2. Flip your dry, wavy hair upside down and heavily spray with an aerosol hair spray, scrunching while you spray. This will help to keep your waves intact. Part your hair to the side and pull a section from the large side at the front of your head. Clip it to the side of your head and leave that section out of the style for now.
  3. Loosely begin to pin back small section at a time, pinning with bobby pins near your hairline to keep the style low. Place the bobby pins so they do not show. You can pin the style in the middle of your neck, or to one side to add variety. Spray hairspray throughout the style to give you hold for the entire night. Repeat this until you have a full bun with each wave separately pinned back.
  4. French braid the front section that you left out and secure it to the back. To French braid, start with a small section at the top and separate it into three pieces. Then take the outer sections over each other and grab a section of hair from the side each time you do it. Repeat all the way to the end. You can weave the braid through the bun or hide it underneath with several pins.

Want More?

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Final Thoughts

Finish with hairspray to give you hold all night. This sleek holiday hair style is great for all you wavies out there and can be accessorized with hair clips or flowers.


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