I purchased these mini clips eons ago while doing my usual accessories shopping and had no real use for them. Then when I did my puff and noticed that it appeared to be caving in on itself in the middle and read the this post about clipping, I got to thinking.

At first I thought about clipping when my hair was wet, but due to uneven shrinking I knew that would be an epic fail. So I decided to do it once my hair dried. Duckbill clips would be too big, so I grabbed my minis, sectioned off a layer of hair and started to apply them in a row and was pleasantly surprised to see the immediate lift.

How I Apply the Clips:

  1. Divide hair into sections: After doing my pony puff I use my fingers and two hair bands to separate my hair and isolate a row of hair in the middle leaving me with sectioned off hair at the top and bottom and a row of free hair in the middle.
  2. Coil at the base: I then take a small piece from my loose section and spin it around my finger to form a coil at the base, then attach the clip to the base. I proceed to do this with the rest of the hair in the loose section until no more hair remains.
  3. Release sections: I then release the top and bottom sectioned off hair and that is how I go from flat to volumised!

Final Thoughts

I believe this method works for me because it gives me volume without excess finger fluffing. When I finger fluff, my hair usually goes back to having that flat look as the only thing holding it up is air and eventually gravity wins. With this method my hair has reinforcements and the clipped sections stick up and out which in turn pushes the top layers up. Also finger fluffing, for me, does not allow for longevity of my styles. I like getting second and third day hair and sometimes I even reach 5 days when the stars align. However, whenever I manipulate my hair too much at the beginning, I get a lot of frizz, a loss of definition and eventually tangles set in and I’m forced to go back to the drawing board and wash my hair.

When my hair is freshly done and very defined (and therefore, quite flat”>, I usually do about two rows of clipped sections and only one row as the days progress and my hair naturally swells. By the time I get to third or fourth day hair, I usually have no need for the clips. Also, I have slept in them and suffered no ill effects. In fact, I don’t even feel them! Lastly, be careful when removing them as they are small and can snag on your hair. When you remove the clips, make sure your hands aren’t slippery.

Do you have any questions about this method? Do you do something similar or have your own method for increasing volume? Feel free to share it below, as I am always on the hunt for big hair.

As always remember to have love, peace and curly haired bliss.

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