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With the holiday season upon us, it’s tradition to attend gatherings and New Year’s festivities. It’s one of the few times in the entire year when you can splurge on a new dress or shoes. They’re necessities, of course!

Along with brand-new outfits comes the dilemma of how to give your hair a little holiday flair. Most curlies I know (myself included”> have tried-and-true “fancy” updos they can whip up for any occasion. Although curls tend to look gorgeous no matter what you do with them, sometimes there’s an uncontrollable urge to use hair accessories! But what’s the best way to use them?

Colorful barrettes, funky hair pins, and classy hats are so much fun to play with and provide a perfect compliment to your outfit. But it’s all in how the hair wears it, especially when the situation calls for a classy look.

For a holiday soiree, sparkle is definitely acceptable. Bobby pins adorned with crystals or elaborate metal barrettes are an effortless way to look amazing. Sometimes all you need is one stunning piece placed in your regular ‘do to create something spectacular.

If you’ve got a lot of sparkle in your hair, avoid too much glitz in your makeup. It’s all about balance.Headbands also look great on almost any face and hair cut — from short, super kinky hair to long waves. Try out different widths and materials to find one that suits your curls the best. The one thing that might cause a problem is pushing on a headband tight to your scalp and trying to pull the hair into place with the band. As lovely as that looks on straight-haired girls, it ruins the curl pattern and strains the locks. Instead, try lowering the band on from above, right into the curls. If there’s too much hair in front of the face, pull out the bobby pins and pin the hair back over the band in random spots. Or try a stretchy band, like one from This is J.

For a party that calls for a classier look — maybe a staff party or university gathering — you can use pretty much anything as well. But tone down the color and glam a little. For example, instead of using hair sticks to create a French chignon, use neutral-colored bobby pins and attach a thin, jeweled barrette in the crease. If you’re creating an updo that pulls most of the hair back from your face, be careful it doesn’t look too severe. By gently teasing out the little wispy pieces, they’ll frame your face. It softens the look without being too casual.

Any occasion calls for a few rules that apply to most curlies. Go easy on the hairspray! If you want to keep her curls in place, opt for one designed for curly hair, like Curlisto Structura Spray. A few gentle spritzes should do the trick. It will avoid the crunchy feel curls and still help retain shape.Resist the temptation to touch your hair! If you keep checking it or try to fluff it back into place, it will only create lots of frizz and volume. Carry a small spray bottle in your purse with a taming product, and give the curls a few spritzes throughout the night. It’ll refresh the tresses and keep you going for a few more dances!

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