I have been struggling with clipping my roots for several years. I have bought different clips that were specifically designed for clipping, but they still did not increase my root volume–most of then just lay flat. But I finally found a trick that worked for me! I am going to show you my simple step-by-step routine that is quick, easy, and will help you increase your curly hair’s volume from the roots out.

  • What I use: bobby pins

Style Prep

Before you start clipping your roots, blow dry your curls until they are about 80-90% dry. If you prefer to air dry, clip your roots while your curls are still wet and leave them in during your entire drying time.

To clip your roots, you need about 5 normal bobby pins: Start putting one of them in your curls at the front of your parting line: make sure you take hair from both sides of the parting line and then add the first bobby pin.

Repeat with one more bobby pin further back your parting line (grab hair from both sides of your parting line”>.

Continue adding more bobby pins to each side of your parting line to increase the volume right around your face. Don’t worry about it looking too voluminous at this point, as the top will flatten down after you take them out.

Finish clipping by adding one last bobby pin right where your parting line ends.

I like to add this last bobby pin to my curls the other way round, with the opening to the front.

To achieve your best possible result, leave the bobby pins in for about 5 to 10 minutes.

I use this waiting time to finish blow-drying my curls, as I like to blow-dry them until they are 100% dry to support my curls’ overall volume.

Finish clipping by carefully removing the bobby pins from your curls.

This is crucial to protect your curls from turning too frizzy. I usually do this by pulling the bobby pins out between two fingers that are holding back my curls.

Scrunch a bit for even definition. Shake your curls and go!

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Sandra is a curl loving Swiss who wants to pass her curly love on to other curlies. In 2014 she started her own blog, which is all about curls: Curly tips, curly hairstyles, curly product reviews, curly fashion and curly lifestyle.

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