The anticipation of Christmas morning can be completely overwhelming! This is especially the case if you are in a large family or have children. These quick and easy curly hair styles can get you through the hectic Christmas morning. Hopefully our tips and hints can make your day a little less stressful and give you a bit of Christmas cheer to boot!

Braided Bun

This is such an awesome style for the holiday season. The braided bun takes the fuss out of styling your hair throughout the day and lets you focus on what is most important. If you’re handy with braiding, this style may take you less than 30 minutes to complete.

  1. This style is simple to recreate, whether you are working with a few days old style or freshly washed hair. Fresh or not, just make sure your hair is well moisturized prior to styling to keep your hair looking polished. If your hair is dry, refresh your curls with a leave-in spray before braiding. Try Blended Beauty Kick for Curls Aloe Juice Spritz to revive your curls and make them easier to work with.
  2. Separate your hair into a front and rear section; French braid from the nape going up towards the crown. Pull the rest of the hair into a high ponytail where you then do three to four smaller twists to form the bun itself. Secure the bun with bobby pins.
  3. Type 2 (Wavy”>: Apply a light leave-in conditioner throughout the hair while damp and let it air dry since this will help keep frizz formation to a minimum. Try using Design Essentials HCO Leave-In Conditioner and gently comb through your curls for even distribution.
  4. Type 3 (Curly”>: Using a creamy moisturizer throughout your curls will give this style shine and softness. Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia is an excellent choice for this task because it smoothes and moisturizes your hair.
  5. Type 4 (Kinky”>: If you are working with an older twist out, make sure to hydrate your curls before styling with a good butter product. Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine will stimulate those coils and make creating the braid and twists so much easier.

Tips – To finish this style you may want to add a small amount of gel to the edges to keep any flyaways under control. Coupled with a soft bristle brush, As I Am Smoothing Gel works great at this task.  With proper night time care using a satin scarf, this style can last for a week or longer.

Lisa Michelle


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