Women with heart shaped faces are experimenting with curly hair styles that they may never have considered before, and the results are fabulous.

A heart shaped face is defined as having a narrow and pointed chin. If you’re a curly with a heart shaped face, you will also have very defined cheekbones, you can find a style that not only flatters your cheekbones, but will also make your eyes pop.

Of course, the main aim of any woman with a heart shaped face is to add width at the bottom in order to obtain balance.

If you’re looking for something a little different, though, these curly hair styles can help make your decision clearer as far as determining what look you want to try next. After all, having curly hair doesn’t mean that you’re trapped with just one style.

Long Curly Hair Styles

Curlies can add width to the lower part of the face by keeping the length of their locks no more than 4 to 5 inches below the chin. Soft and loose curly locks work best in layers to frame the face while taking the weight out of the curls.

For type 4 hair, any kind of twist will look amazing as long as your locks are not pulled back too far away, allowing the hair to frame the face while staying out of the way. Try pulling your hair back while leaving just a touch hanging on the sides. This look can double as a morecasual or elegant style depending upon what you are wearing.

Remember not to let hair hang too far below the chin area, no matter what type of curls you have, since this will elongate the face.

Short Curly Hair Styles

Layers abound for those of us with short, curly hair. However, with a heart shaped face, it’s important not to have short layers near the top of the head. This will result in a “top-heavy” look offsetting the goal to make the chin area look wider for a more balanced flair.

When you visit your stylist for a cut, alert him or her to your face shape. One of the best short curly hair styles for heart-shaped faces is the pixie cut. If a pixie-cut is too short for you, try a short style that will minimize frizz, while letting it grow out on the sides. For women with looser curls, a bob cut just beneath the ears will be perfect. For those with tighter curls, a bob cut just above the ears will expand the kinks out, diluting a “top-heavy” look.

Medium Curly Hair Styles

Since the entire point of styling hair for the heart-shaped face is to frame it by adding width to the chin, medium-length curly hair styles are best.

For wavy, type 2 hair, bangs that are side swept and not blunt across the forehead work best for a heart-shaped face. Blunt bangs can shorten the look of your face.

Keep in mind that bangs work best on those with loose curls; types 3 and 4 may have problems with maintaining bangs. However, if you can achieve the look without having to result to straightening the strands, bangs can even out a heart-shaped face for all hair textures.

Layered curly hair styles work well for all hair types, but should always be tapered around the face to highlight your best features.

Softening your cheekbones while at the same time adding style is, for most curlies, the entire point of the medium-length hair style. Many medium hairstyles for curly hair are easy to maintain and can offer an array of simple, elegant or sexy styles.

The Sky’s the Limit

As you can see, there many of ways that curlies can style their hair around their heart-shaped face to magnify the eyes, soften or dramatize their cheekbones, and play up or soften their beautiful features.

Remember to keep the frizz and fly-aways at bay with your favorite products to get the most out of these sensational curly hair styles. We like products such as Blended Beauty Curly Frizz Pudding.

Kim Kirsch


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