New year, new goal, new plans, new style — that’s what New Year’s is all about for most people.

But, a new year may also mean a new ‘do, right? Not necessarily! As we move into 2012, we won’t forget some of our favorite curly hair styles from 2011.

Here, we’ve collected some of our favorite curly hair styles for all curly hair types.

Wavy (Type 2 “> Styles

Lauren Conrad

Let’s face it, Lauren Conrad (or “LC””> can look good in just about any hair style. Whether she’s sporting it straight or wearing it in its natural wave, we just love her hair. She’s pretty much the epitome of type 2 hair, and we love watching what she does with it.

While in previous years she looked great sporting a low bun, this year she seemed to wear it down quite a bit. Whether she was showing off her spring collection or roasting a turkey (as she tweeted a few weeks ago, though we know pretty much no one looks that good while slaving over Thanksgiving dinner!”>, the girl’s hair looks gooood!

To get her hair down look, just part your hair down the center and pull back a little hair from both sides in the front, then secure either right in the middle of the back of your head. Easy!

Carmen Electra

Another type 2 celebrity we love to watch is Carmen Electra. She shows how easy it is to do a wake-up-and-go hairstyle with this side-swept ponytail. LC sported this one for several years too. Not that we were counting!

To get the look, after brushing your hair, pull out any bangs you want to keep in the forefront, then gather the rest of your hair low (near the neck”> to be sure you’re satisfied with the bang/ponytail ratio. When you’re happy, just scoot the pony on over to the side just a bit, still keeping it low. This isn’t the 80s! Secure with a hair elastic.

You can adjust the pony so that it always falls on the front of your shoulder if you’d like.

Tasha Swearingen


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