A long-haired model at the Richard Chai spring runway show.

We curlies and wavies don’t always wash our hair everyday, but we still want to get fabulous second, third-day hair. What’s the trick to getting your hair to look great even when it’s not freshly washed? Styling it right! Here are some hairstyles that you can adapt for your curly or wavy, long, medium or short hair to wear over a three-day weekend.

Day 1: Long Hair

When heading into a stretch where your normal shower routine will be disrupted (hello, camping trip!”>, don’t weigh your hair down with lots of heavy styling products. Instead, enhance its natural movement by air-drying your strands and wearing them down and wavy, like the models at the Richard Chai spring runway show.

Tip: To avoid next-day tangles, and infuse a little extra body, Jill Guzzo, a hairstylist at Manhattan’s Butterfly Studio Salon, suggests sleeping with your hair in a loose bun at the top of your head to give your waves extra staying-power.

Works best for: Wavy Type 2

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