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Curly hair is actually a great base to start with when you want a look for a wedding or formal event. A lot of the time, those with straight hair are looking for curls and volume in a formal hairstyle. Naturally curly girls are at an advantage, because you can start by working with what you’ve already got. From there, the choices are limitless.

Down and Out

No matter what length of hair you have, you can always find a curly wedding hairstyle that’s right for you. For shorter curly hair, it’s all about using the right products to get great down and out look. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Wash your hair and comb it in the shower, generously conditioning your locks. Try the condition, wash, condition method which will hydrate your hair and make your curls pop for a great down and out wedding hairstyle.
  2. Manipulate your hair as little as possible once you’re finished washing and conditioning.
  3. Use a wide tooth comb and then towel dry gently with a microfiber towel so that it’s not dripping wet, but still very damp.
  4. Follow the directions for applying your favorite styling product. You will want to choose a styling product with some hold so that your curly hairstyle will last throughout the day.
  5. Use a diffuser to stop frizzing that can occur during air drying. You can also let it air dry if you prefer.
  6. Fix any fly-away strands with either a curling rod or by taking that section of hair and adding a bit of water and more product and smoothing or twirling with your fingers.

Make this look special by pinning back the hair on one side with a flower or a clip. You can also gather a few locks from the front and pin them to the back with bobby pins or other embellished accessories. Any hair accessories such as birdcage veils, tiaras, flowers or decorated clips are great finishing touches for this down and out look.

The Side Bun and Side Ponytail

The words side bun or side ponytail might bring to mind thoughts of a half cinnamon bun (like Princess Leia’s”> or a scrunchie-adorned style from the 80’s. But, we’re talking a subtle, low, off to the side bun or ponytail that is easy to do and that compliments type 3 curly hair. Here’s how to get the look:

  1. To avoid frizz, start the same way you would for the down and out look. Remember to avoid excessively touching your hair, and always using a wide tooth comb to detangle.
  2. Smooth your hair back and to one side of your head just behind the ear. Twist it into a low bun or gather it into a ponytail and secure it with bobby pins or a seamless hair tie.
  3. To dress up this look, twist or braid a section of hair on either side or both sides of your head before gathering it to one side. You could also add a pompadour by clipping the roots at the front of your hair (for volume”> and pinning that front section back to create a bump in the front. Gently remove the clips when hair is dry.

Embellished accessories or veils will also work well with this look. You can place flowers clips or even an elegant headband with feathers in the front of your hair or towards the back by the bun or ponytail.

Final Thoughts

These DIY curly wedding hairstyles are easy to do with lots of simple options to add flair to your look. Now you can create the hairstyle you want, with your own hands that will make you feel even more elegant on your special day!

What is your favorite way to dress up a simple hairstyle for a formal event?

Samantha Berley

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