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Question: Do you have a signature style? Are you presenting yourself and your hair in a way that’s true to who you really are and does it make you feel beautiful?

I think individuality often gets lost these days and that’s a shame. Even on the red carpet, everyone looks the same. Where are today’s Chers and Diana Rosses? Where are all the iconic beauty moments?

Finding your individual style and being happy with it is such a positive affirmation. Sure, not everyone can be (or would want to be”> Cher, but every woman has the power to find the hairstyle that makes her feel like she is being true to herself.

I like to promote individuality in women. The icons of beauty have stuck by their own looks. The most beautiful women in the world are the ones who have individual style and are comfortable being themselves. They’re the ones we really look at and remember.

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When I look back in history at women who stand the test of time with their style and beauty, they’re women with a strong sense of self. At the time it might have seemed like they were being outlandish, provocative or that they were pushing buttons, but really they just knew who they were and didn’t apologize for it.

I recently worked with Kristen McMenamy on a photo shoot — she’s an iconic model from the eighties who is still modeling in her late forties. She always has (and still does”> push buttons. Right now her hair is completely gray, but she wears it long to her waist. People might say, “She’s in her forties — why doesn’t she cut it or dye it?” But if she did cut it, she would look mumsy and frumpy — she would lose herself.

We look up to her because we love people who bend the rules. We love an anarchist. We love a woman who stands up for herself and says, “This is the way I look and this is the way you are going to see me.” It’s a very attractive quality. Sometimes they make us nervous because they’re outspoken, but we need people like that in this world.

Liza Minnelli, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross — these are women we remember.

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