Finger coil

Wash-and-gos have been around since naturaldom and have probably been attempted by all curlies at least once. For some, wash-n-gos are super easy and simply involves raking product through their hair. For others, wash-and-gos involve a bit more work and will require the curly to not only rake, but do the accordion method and smooth as well.

But for a small few, wash-and-gos are even more complicated because of uneven curl patterns, frizz and those patches that refuse to curl. If this sounds like your hair at all, then finger coiling may be the answer for you.

Finger coiling helps smooth out your curls, reducing frizz, defining curls in your frizzy areas, and evening out your curl pattern by forming uniform curls.

How to Master Finger Coiling

  1. To begin, start off with freshly cleansed, dripping wet hair that is separated into small sections. Apply your product to one section ensuring that you apply a nice gel or thick styling cream on top of your moisturizer or leave-in. The gel or cream will allow you to mold your curls for this style and give more hold than a moisturizer or leave-in alone.
  2. After applying your product rake it through your hair with your fingers to distribute it evenly and encourage your curls to clump. This step is optional, but to really get smooth curls and major clumping I often run a Denman brush through that section. Once done, hold the section in one hand and use the fingers of your other hand to separate a small piece. Then with your free hand use your index finger to wrap the small piece of hair around it whilst moving your finger down the hair shaft- this is called finger coiling. The technique may take some getting used to but once you have it down it will be easy to get through the rest of your hair.
  3. Continue to separate more small pieces from your section to finger coil until all the hair in that section has been defined. Once done with that section move on to the next repeating the steps above.
  4. Remember to re-wet a section using a spray bottle filled with water before applying product to it if it is dry.

To vary your styles, you can finger coil smaller or bigger sections to change the diameter of your curls. Also, to decrease your hair’s volume, try finger coiling larger sections and to achieve big hair, use smaller sections.

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This may seem like a lot to do for one hairstyle, but for women out there with hair that does not fare well with the traditional wash-and-go method but who still want to rock a wash-and-go this summer, this method may be a godsend. Also, keep in mind that, as you become better at it, the time it takes will lessen. If this still seems like a lot for an everyday style, then save it for special occasions instead.

If you have tried this method, then let me know down below how you do it and what your results were like. And as always, remember to have love, peace and curly haired bliss! 

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