There are 2 days and 10 hours until  the Red Carpet Arrivals begin for this year’s 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards — not that we’re counting. To get your prepared for the big night, we got Wella Professionals to give us their tips and tricks for red carpet perfection.

Wella’s team of celebrity stylists will be tweeting LIVE during the red carpet arrivals to get tips, tricks and commentary on their favorite Golden Globe hairstyles through Wella’s Twitter (@WellaHairUSA”> and Facebook pages starting at 5pm EST! In the meantime, Wella Celebrity Stylist Andy LeCompte and Wella Colorist Aura Friedman have forecasted the hot Hollywood hair looks this Sunday night.

Effortless Elegance

Be poised and perpetually glamourous without even trying!

Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist Andy LeCompte says, “I think that we will see a peak in fluid textures that suggest effortless elegance — very healthy and sleek hair that shows a lot of movement. This style will be popular with soft and light tones with a warm glow that emphasizes healthy, shiny hair representative of the Wella Trend Vision look aptly named, “Grace.” (GRACE pictured above.”>

Andy LeCompte has been no stranger to Golden Globes hairstyles. Since 2007 Andy has been styling the top stars including Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie and Megan Fox for the event. His favorite go-to tools include large hair pins, curling irons and straightening irons which allow him to play with hair texture.

To dramatically enhance shine, use Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner to replenish moisture and volume for dry or damaged hair and finish your look with an overall spritz of Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight. Maximize this look with a hair color in a soft shade with warm undertones that will best compliment your skin tone.

Statement-Making Tones

Intense hues and statement making silhouettes

To the contrary, we can also expect to see daring, modern styles made possible by the evolution of hair tools and color. “We can look forward to the soft introduction of this very bold hair color trend at the Golden Globes this year,” says Wella Professionals Color Ambassador Aura Friedman. “Inspired by the Trend Vision look, ‘Roxy,’ this is an attention grabbing style where color plays an integral role. We will see a shift to cool red tones and bursts of violet – statement-making colors with an edge of sophistication.” (ROXY pictured right.”>

“A perfect color should complement the person who’s wearing it… but also suit their personality and lifestyle.” says Aura. “It should enhance, but not overpower.” To keep vibrant hues looking their best, Aura suggests you avoid shampooing too much and use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner like Wella’s Brilliance Line. If your hair is very dull, she also recommends getting a clear gloss to add instant vibrancy and seals the cuticle of your hair for added shine.

As for the style, this look does not shy away from shape or definition – tight curls and gravity-defying shapes can be expected. With such “atypical” styles being created with styling tools, it’s very important to prepare your hair with a heat protectant spray while styling, such as Wella Professionals Thermal Image Heat Protectant Spray. You’ll need to finish the look with a strong-hold hairspray, such as Wella Professionals Stay Firm Finishing Spray.


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