It can be difficult to find a stylish hat that fits our big curls, leaving you to avoid hats entirely. No need to avoid them any longer! Two factors play a key role in fitting your hair into your favorite hats: proper styling and choosing the right style.

How to wear a brimmed hat

Recently, I wore a purple floppy hat that has been a favorite addition to my wardrobe. When purchasing the hat, I knew that I would not wear it daily and I would prep my hair to wear it. When I tried on the hat with my daily style (i.e. a twist-out”>, I noticed that it was a tight fits, so I decided to wear my hair in loose wand curls. 

My wand curls were installed on blow-dried hair, so my texture could be elongated and stretched.  I used a heat protection during styling before using both the blow dryer and curling iron to decrease the risk of heat damage. I wore my hair in a stretched twist-out after the wand curls and my curls were still able to fit under the floppy hat. 

How to wear a beanie

Now that the colder months are finally here, I wear beanies to protect my hair from cold air and environmental debris. I am selective when purchasing my beanies and tend to choose the slouchy ones, because it allows for more room. Purchase them in a variety of colors, so they can match your wardrobe.

When donning beanies, I wear my hair out or tucked away. If my hair is styled in a twist-out, I will use bobby pins to frame my face and to tuck in fly–away pieces. This style is super easy and only takes a few minutes. For my hair regimen, it is easier for to wear my hair out in stretched styles rather than wash and go’s to avoid “hat hair” when removing my beanie.

I will tuck my hair away on chilly days or when it is close to my wash day by dividing my hair in two sections and putting them in two hair clips. For the first section, I will flat twist, moisturize my ends, and tuck away with a bobby pin. I will repeat the same steps on the other section and place my beanie on my head. I like to leave out a section in the front of my hair jazz it up a little. If not, I will include the hair in the flat twist. This is a great protective style that is simple to do at home and allows you to show your personal style with your hat choice.

How do you fit your hair under hats? Please share your tips and tricks with the curly community.

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