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Many of us change our hairstyles to match our mood all the time. Whether you’re looking to change-up your style for a night on the town or to flaunt like the boss that you are in the boardroom, there are tons of ways to style your hair to reflect how you want to feel. One effortless way to add some fun to your look without a whole lot of effort is to create a zig-zag part. Varying your part is a no-commitment way to make your usual styles look a bit different and it can stimulate growth by surprising your follicles.

The zig-zag look is great for your kids to feel fun and creative at school, as well as for you when you just want something a little different. Here are a few tips on how to create a zig-zag part with curly hair plus a video to help you learn how.

How to: Zig Zag Part

1. Start with damp hair. Hair that is damp is easier to work with and will lay down to help you map out your part better than dry hair.

2. Moisturize. When working with parting, make sure the hair has some gel or oil in it to help with separating the sections and also help you to get that sleek finish once your zig-zag is complete.

3. Start at the front. Separate hair close to the forehead hairline using the handle of a rat tail comb. Pull the hair to the right about an inch – this measurement may be smaller if you’re creating this look for your child.

4. Keep it neat. Make sure the line you create is clean and you collect any stray strands back into either the newly created section or the rest of your strands – let your natural hair pattern guide which direction strays need to be pulled.

5. Choose your angle. When it comes to the size of sections, you can do large sections which will make a zig-zag with a few lines or smaller sections for more lines to create a zipper-zag. You decide which look you want to achieve and how much drama you want to create with this look.

6. Keep Zagging. Gather a new section of hair and pull it to the left. Try to make the size of the hair sections about the same to create an even part and keep the zig-zag “straight” – and ending in the center of your head at the back.

7. Repeat. Take your part all the way to the back, alternating between left and right sections until you have the zig-zag you hoped to achieve.

8. Set the style. Set the style with a little of your favorite styling gel or oil to prevent flyaways or frizz. We love

Of course, the easiest ways to learn how to create a new style is to see a visual example. Check out this quick tutorial on how to create a zig-zag part with curly hair to help pull off this look below.

Have you tried a zig-zag part? Let us know your tips in the comments below.

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