Braids have played a predominant role in hairstyles for several seasons and, according to The Today Show, the trend will continue through the spring season. Whether you are looking to add a touch of classiness, a bit of edge or a hint of playfulness, braids are an easy way to spruce up your curly ‘do.

According to Ouidad Stylist, Morgan Willhite “braids are a hot trend this season and there is something very feminine about rocking a Medieval braid.” Medieval braids are ideal for curly hair and allows for a loose, effortless look. 

Mastering Medieval Braids

  1. With clean, wet hair, run Ouidad Double Detangler through your mane to get rid of any knots
  2. While your curly hair is still wet, use Ouidad Shine Glaze Serum to smooth the hair; apply a quarter sized amount to the palm of your hands and work from end to roots, focus the product in the middle to end of the hair.
  3. It is ideal to braid the hair once it is try. Begin braiding a few tiny strands of hair on each side of the part in your hair. Use Ouidad Clear Control Curl Definer and Sealer and coat each section as your braid it. Pull the sides of your hair back, including the braids and secure it with a barrette or pin.
  4. Braids should be loose on the top of the head and tighter at the bottom.Complete the braid with rubber bands, ponytail holders, or ties to keep the braid in place.

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Final Thoughts

What do you think of the braid trend and how are you rocking yours?

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