Sometimes our own hair is just not enough for the styles we love. Braiding hair is cheaper and easier to install compared to a sew-in with tons of versatility. No need to spend hundreds of dollars for a new look with expensive human hair. Check out some of the cutest, cheapest, and amazing styles with braiding hair. 


Buns are a fun protective style that can be styled high, low, center, off to the side, messy, or sleek. Buns are a great go-to for changing up an old style like a twist-out, roller set, or wash and go. The only problem many face is if they do not have enough hair for a big or even medium-sized bun. Big buns give a more dramatic effect, so adding braiding hair is the best way to get that look if you do not have long or thick hair.

ToNaturAli shares a simple and quick video on how to rock a big, sleek bun on old hair. Creating a side part and slicking back all her hair into a ponytail, she adds Marley hair to create an ultra-fab bun that completely covers and protects her own hair.

Many rocking short hair or a TWA (teeny weeny afro”> feel they have fewer options for styles. That is simply not true, especially if you are all about adding hair to achieve any style you desire. If you can get your hair into a ponytail (even a tiny one”>, you can rock this style. She has gorgeous flat twists on the back of her hair, but they are necessary if you cannot do them or just want a simpler style. She effortlessly creates double top knot buns that are too cute and completely protect her own hair.


Ponytails with added hair are certainly nothing new. I was rocking them back in the 90’s. I loved big, thick ponytails and how they can turn even the

This two for one video shares how to create a fabulous afro puff or ponytail easily and expertly. Shantania Beckford creates such a sexy style with a drawstring afro puff that even a short-haired curly can achieve. Her next look is a simple low ponytail with a side part where she wraps a weft around her ponytail. These two styles are easy to create and a great change to your everyday look or a perfect way to change up an old style that needed some new love.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a beautiful style that can simply be used to curl your own hair or as a style on its own. What women are learning about them is that they look 1000 times better when you amp them up with some added hair. Add color, a different texture, or just go for big Bantu knots as a protective style.

TheBrilliantBeauty shares a great video on how to maximize your Bantu knots. Using old hair she had around she creates a braid to her sectioned hair and then Bantu knots. She explains how she adds the hair, braids it, and then explains how to create her coned-shaped Bantu knots. This look takes your knots to another level of gorgeousness that will have you ready for any event.

Adding hair does not have to be expensive, time-consuming, or require a professional to install. Several styles can be easily created with your own two hands and braiding hair, regardless of your hair’s length.

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