Foods in Hair 700

With the holidays around the corner, food is on everyone’s mind. Whether you gather around a fire with friends or a table with with family, the menu is very important. Whoever is in charge of the macaroni and cheese understands that they have a big role to play and hopefully they don’t take that lightly. After you’ve had your meal and before you begin clean up, take a pause before you throw everything away. Some of the ingredients in your kitchen may be perfect to use for your hair. While everyone may be thinking about heating up the evening’s leftovers, you should be thinking about what proteins you can use to moisturize your curls.

Here are the Top 4 holiday foods and ingredients you didn’t know could cook up some beautiful hair.

Olive oil

There will be olive oil e-very-where. Try to grab an extra one to yourself. To get the most out of this protein rich ingredient, douse your hair in it. Put on a shower cap and go to bed (seriously). When you wake up in the morning wash it out with regular shampoo and feel the difference in your curls. Olive oil is great for revitalizing all hair types.


Cornstarch? Yes, cornstarch? The mysterious white powder should be used lightly in gravy but also in your hair. If you catch your hair on the greasier side of things, dusting some cornstarch on the roots can take care of that just like dry shampoo works. Just as you would sprinkle it in your dishes, be sure to sprinkle it in your hair so you don’t end up looking like you got into a food fight.


Millennials, I know you all feel me. Avocados can literally do everything. Make an avocado hair mask by adding pure yogurt, coconut oil, or mayonnaise to mashed avocado. Be sure to whip the ingredients together so that there are no lumps. Apply the concoction to your hair for 20 minutes. Rinse it out and follow your regular procedure. The nutrients in avocado are great for restoring dry or damaged hair.


Honey-baked ham, holiday honey cake, and honey in your hair. The sticky treat seals moisture in your hair and can be mixed with a ton of other things depending on what your hair needs. Honey and olive oil is great for promoting hair growth. And honey and eggs are a protein-packed treatment for thirsty hair. You can read more about the benefits of honey here. Make sure you pick the best mix for yourself, honey.

You may have to answer to Grandma when she asks you why your to-go bag is full of uncooked food. But be sure to explain that raw ingredients are what your curls need to be their best. SHOP NaturallyCurly has a bunch of organic products that use some of the ingredients above. You can also learn more about how to eat foods that are good for your hair here.