Headwraps have been all the rage this season because let’s face it, the sun has been coming for us left and right. But despite the hot weather, these stylish and ornate accessories are not only great for protecting your scalp or style, but have become a go-to staple for naturalistas everywhere. Headwraps are chic, feminine, and are adaptable to any wardrobe or style. We’ve seen them all over Instagram, TikTok, and more Black-owned brands like Constant Covering and Crownned debuting premium headwraps we can’t get enough of.

The benefits of headwraps

What makes headwraps such a vital accessory for traveling or daily use is that they are versatile, functional, and can be used in a variety of hair scenarios. Whether you’re rocking locs, braids, sporting a pineapple, or protecting your hair from climate weather, they are a staple piece to keep in your closet.

If you’ve never worn a headwrap before, it can feel slightly intimidating deciding how to wear it and make it blend with your natural style. You may be wondering if you have the right length of hair, is it tied securely, will it slip off, does it blend with your current style. The good thing is there is no wrong answer to this question! Headwraps can be worn with any texture of hair and can be styled simply by weaning your hair down, protecting your braids, or with an updo or bun. Many headwraps come in solid, print, and can even come pre-tied so half the work is done for you. We talked to four influencers who shared how they wear their favorite headwraps, get your pens out, it’s time to take some notes!

Pri Yunes

Influencers Share Their Favorite Ways to Wear Headwraps

Photo: @curlygirlpri

“I tend to use headscarves to prolong wash day since it’s a protective style. I make sure to apply a leave-in so that my hair stays moisturized and I massage my scalp with hair oil to relieve tension and promote hair growth. When I wear a headscarf I make sure to put my hair up in a pineapple with a satin scrunchie to prevent breakage and I tie it no more than 1-2 times to prevent unnecessary tension which can cause breakage. A gel or pomade is a great hair product to slick your hair back and also clean up your baby hairs when you use a headscarf making the style look more polished.”

Kassandra Hazlehurst

Influencers Share Their Favorite Ways to Wear Headwraps

Photo: @hazkas

“I find myself reaching for my head wraps most with a protective style in. Braids can be extremely heavy, so for this look I created the ponytail first with a strong hair tie. I then wrapped the fabric around, criss-crossing both sides to build height, and then tucked in the ends to secure the style in place. This look is also great when you’re coming to the end of your protective style and are looking for a way to disguise any new growth”

Faith Armstrong

Influencers Share Their Favorite Ways to Wear Headwraps

Photo: @honoryourfaith

“Wearing a headscarf isn’t just for bad hair days – I love how it adds color or texture to my outfit. I have a few different ways that I like to tie them and depending on if I want to wear my hair down or all up will determine how I wrap it. The great thing is there’s no wrong way to wear a headscarf, as long as it’s secure and doesn’t unravel throughout the day it’s going to look good. To finish the look, I always use my Babytress edge styler and Prose custom styling gel to swoop my edges and keep them in place. I try to use natural products to style my hair to keep it from flaking or feeling itchy when it’s wrapped up.”

Abigail Hunter

Influencers Share Their Favorite Ways to Wear Headwraps

Photo: @_theabnormallife

Best practices:

1: Use bobby pins for added security.

2: Don’t tie your scarves too tight.

3: Taking time to style your edges adds elevation to your scarf style

Jessica Morrobel

Influencers Share Their Favorite Ways to Wear Headwraps

Photo: @travelingwithjessica

Some days my hair feels bouncy, fresh, and voluminous enough to wear it out. Other days, not so much — it gets frizzy or seems to have a mind of its own. Depending on the day, I’m looking to protect my hair, and a head wrap style is great. One of my go-to head wrap styles is the ‘Double Front Twist’ style, in which I use a long head wrap — at least 40” x 72”. Fanm Djanm has stretch-knit wrap with a flexible material that easily folds over the head, which I like to use to help hold the wrap in place. To style, I start by folding the wrap over my head. Then, I bring the two long ends towards the front of my head and cross them into a knot. Afterward, I take the two ends and cross them back down my head in a knot — tucking in the loose ends. To keep my curls defined for this style, I like to mix two or more products that hydrate my hair without leaving that crunchy feeling, like the AG Hair Recoil Curl Activator.

How do you wear your favorite headwraps? Let us know in the comments below.

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