Doesn’t it seem like our curls, coils, and waves have their own agendas? Sometimes our hair will cooperate and lay exactly the way we envisioned it in our mind: edges laid and perfect defined tendrils cascading exactly the way you want them…those are the good days. Then, there’s every other day;  the days when you wake up after not properly tying your hair down or having to deal with a three day old wash and go that feels like you’ve been trekking through the Kalahari Desert. Add the unyielding heat, humidity, and storms of summer to the mix and it becomes a recipe for textured tress trauma.

Don’t go crazy trying to control your curls. If your hair won’t behave, throw it up, throw it up…in an updo that is. With a few strategically placed pins, you can rid yourself of styling stress with a polished updo that’s perfect for work or play. Want an easy go-to style this season? Check out these three simple lazy naturals summer updos from Tribe Called Curl and tame your mane in ten minutes or less.

The Royal Roll-Up

For this one all you need is a headband and a few bobby pins. It’s romantic, looks a little bit fancy, and believe it or not can be completed in under 3 minutes. It would go perfectly with a maxi dress and sandals, and will look like you spent way more time than you actually did.

The Lazy Summer Bun

The “lazy bun” is actually a ponytail, you just secure the ends instead of pulling them all the way through your ponytail. For a pretty accent we twisted the front sections and pinned them back with two bows from Forever21.

The Swept Away

When you want to sweep all of your hair out of your face for extra hot days, this style is perfect. Total style time? Two minutes. That’s gotta be a record!

Watch the Tutorials

What are your favorite lazy natural summer looks? 

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