Low Maintenance Styles to Help With Pregnancy Brain From Hairstylist Sophie Rose Gutterman
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Pregnancy is a transformational nine-month journey that changes the body in more ways than the expected growing belly.

A few physical changes include nail growth and glowing skin. One symptom that some pregnant women experience, in particular, is changes to their hair. Hormonal changes in the body can cause excessive hair shedding or growth. Hair can also become thicker throughout pregnancy. Medical News Today noted that changes in hair thickness can be seen nearly 15 weeks into the nine-month journey. Pregnant women may notice hair growth on other body parts, such as the face, chest, abdomen, and arms as well. 

While these changes can be concerning at first, the good news is that most pregnancy symptoms are temporary. In fact, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reported that hair should revert to its original condition within six months after childbirth. While that timeline may seem lengthy, there are ways to manage the hair with styling options as it alters.

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Low-maintenance hairstyles are a pregnant woman’s go-to option for navigating hair changes. These are considered easy to manage because they reduce time, energy, and effort while maintaining a presentable appearance. The biggest benefit of low-maintenance hairstyles is that they do not require excessive styling.

During pregnancy, hair can drastically shift in texture, growth, density, and more. On the other hand, hair can also become dryer, greasy, and shed. While each hair experience is unique, low-maintenance styles play a part in maintaining hair health by limiting damage or over-manipulating the hair. In addition to their low styling effort, low-maintenance hairstyles can be a convenient option after delivery.

Protective styles offer a wide range of options for soon-to-be mothers. They can last for weeks and require minimal upkeep. Braids can be styled in many different ways and save a lot more time than it takes to work with the hair in its natural state. Twists also fall under the protective styles category. They are an alternative for expectant mothers who prefer their natural hair to be covered while pregnant.   

Low Maintenance Styles to Help With Pregnancy Brain From Hairstylist Sophie Rose Gutterman
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Sophie Gutterman, an international hairstylist, has ten years of experience in the hair industry, working with a high-profile clientele list and editorial campaigns. She provided insight on other ideal low-maintenance hairstyles to consider wearing while pregnant and after childbirth.

Besides wanting the hair to be out of the way during pregnancy, treating the hair with care after giving birth is very important because your body is going through so many changes, Gutterman told NaturallyCurly.

Although hair types are versatile and require different needs, the hairstylist offered universal suggestions for managing and maintaining healthy hair that can be applied to various textures. 

Sometimes it’s just our body type, but things you can do to try to prevent the hair from shedding is not stopping the prenatal after giving birth,” she said. “Always check with your doctor, but most prenatals are safe to continue taking.

She also noted which foods and vitamins contribute to promoting healthy hair.

Just like going to the gym and eating healthy, foods rich in nutrients and fish oils are great for hair health,” Gutterman added. Also taking a hair, skin and nails vitamin and even adding collagen and biotin to a smoothie daily.  Her favorite supplement that she has found to promote hair growth and other wellness interests is the collagen powder, No-Injection Collagen by Nurse Jamie.

When choosing hairstyles, she recommended a few options for expecting women and new moms.

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Gutterman described a claw clip as a staple hair accessory that “never goes out of style. “Pull some pieces down to frame your face, grab the rest, and clip it up,” she said. This takes under two minutes to do and looks great.

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A low braided bun is another effortless style she recommended and said takes no more than five minutes to do.

“A low braided bun is perfect for a date night,” she continued. “Wrap the hair with an elastic to create a low ponytail. Braid the ponytail, then twist it into a bun and secure it with a few bobby pins.”

Low Maintenance Styles to Help With Pregnancy Brain From Hairstylist Sophie Rose Gutterman

Lastly, braided waves made it onto Gutterman’s list of low-maintenance hairstyles. Braided waves are “a great way to achieve a fun look with minimal effort.” Using a leave-in conditioner provides the best results to achieve this beachy look. Gutterman’s favorite product for this hairdo is the All About Curls Luxe Leave-In Detangler.

“After the shower on towel-dried hair, apply a leave-in, brush the hair, and braid it in a few big braids,” she instructed. “When you wake up, the hair should be dry. Take out the braids and let it be free. You can always pin some pieces away from the face if you have bangs.”

Rocking a short cut while pregnant removes the burden of finding a new hairstyle that fits this new phase of life.

Take a page out of Rihanna’s lookbook for wearing short hairstyles. The mother of two was recently seen in Los Angeles sporting a blonde, short pixie cut. This low-maintenance style requires minimal effort besides the occasional trim every four to six weeks.

Low Maintenance Styles to Help With Pregnancy Brain From Hairstylist Sophie Rose Gutterman

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Beauty and curly hair creator Katrisha Rose also achieved a variation of this shortcut with a more sleek look.

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For those with longer hair, this TikTok creator’s content is dedicated to making life easier for pregnant women and current moms. Wendy Sandoval’s version of doing a half-up, half-down hairstyle while 34 weeks pregnant includes adding more volume at the top of the ponytail. 

She divided a portion of her hair into two before securing her ponytail with a hair tie. The content creator then brushed the two portions of hair she started with into the same ponytail holder. 

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Another digital creator shared one of her easy hairstyles for pregnant women with shoulder-length hair. The style requires sectioning the top of the hair into three parts. She then took each section and folded the hair under to create a knot. As her final step, she teased the hair to create a crisscross updo.

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The classic bob is a fan-favorite among many pregnant women for a simple, short, and basic option. Its versatility adds an extra layer of flair that, even when “messy,” can make a person look put together without requiring much effort.

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Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience that requires adapting to new physical changes during each stage. As soon-to-be mothers encounter different symptoms, figuring out the next hairstyle can be one less concern. Low-maintenance styles are the ultimate and simple go-to options for everyday hair care, whether loose curls or tight coils.

Let us know in the comments your go-to hairstyles that you wear when you are pregnant.

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